Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Audio: Bahwee - HEADNODDERS VOL. II // Beat Tape

Bahwee - Smack!:

Bahwee - Warble:

Download: Bahwee - HEADNODDERS VOL. II

“The first and only beat tape I ever ‘released’ was back in 06 that I gave to my boy Jeff. I modestly scribbled 22 HEADNODDERS on it and remember dropping it off in his mailbox on my way to school. Years later, upstairs at lowend, I’m chillin and this old ass track of mine comes on out of nowhere. I was trippin like, “no, this can’t possibly be..” He told me later, “its from 22 Headnodders, foo.” and it all came back to me. Anyways, the name stuck and volume II is merely a collection of newer but oldd beats I did a while back. A lot of these I never got to finish when my pc died on me [R.I.P.],thus the fwee beattape. So twist something up and enjoy; straight out the dungeons of MHD, this is HEADNODDERS VOL. II; oh by the way, fuck you jeff.” -bahwee // More Infos


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