Friday, September 24, 2010

Audio: Dj Pratt & Rapohnelizenz pres. the "Beasts of the Leaks" Mixtape Nr.1

Cover Art : Jonas Schulte / Figures : Ignacio Mendez

Yo. Here it is. Our first Blog Mixtape "Beasts of the Leaks"", mixed by Homie and appealing figure DJ Pratt from Chicago! The idea behind the Mixtape was to drop some of the freshest leaks that crossed our blog with the time, on one Mixtape. In these times of acocalyptic winds and cloudy days, we try to rescue dope tracks before they sink into obscurity. Caution: The Mixtape reflects the likes of Dj Pratt & Rapohnelizenz and has no warranty for yours. So go and take a listen, we appreciate that. Thanks for reading, supporting, sending us your music and giving us so much Love! Rapohnelizenz & DJ Pratt. (Next Issues mixed by Geraet & Dj Wretch).

Dj Pratt Bio / Mixtape Download / Tracklist -> after the Jump

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  Rapohnelizenz "Beasts of the Leaks" Mixtape Nr.1 mixed by DJ Pratt // V.A. by the-Rapohnelizenz

01. Movements(intro) - Jansport J
02. Do It To Death - Rhymefest (feat. Little Brother and Supastition)
03. Hungry - Apollo Brown (Big Pooh & Black Milk)
04. On The Regular - Skeem Price (prod. J. Bizness)
05. WhatChooWant - Vice Verse (prod. Young RJ)
06. The Richers - TiRon (feat. Blu & Asher Roth prod. Oddisee)
07. Pump - Jon Phonics
08. Get The Money - Mic Geronimo (feat. Royal Flush)
09. Madabotit - Leonard Dstroy (Higher Vibrations)
10. Time/Leap - St. LaRok (Time Leap EP)
11. The Veteran - Marco Polo (feat. Grand Daddy IU)
12. Day After Day - Rots One (Junktion Sampler)
13. Yaa I Get It - Shad (TSOL)
14. It Aint Hard To Tell - Nas (Paul Mighty Remix)
15. Lock and Load - M9 (Chemo (Telemachus) RMX)
16. It's Funny - Eternia & MoSS (ft. Joell Ortiz)
17. Staff Style Stickfighting - Methuzulah (feat. DINCO D(LEADERS THE NEWSCHOOL)
18. Try Force - Elaquent (Elaquent - Freebies (2010)
19. Brainwash - yU (feat. Finale, Grap Luva, Op Swamp 81 / prod by Slimkat78)
20. Who's That - OPhrap (feat. Aliso Black / prod. by Science)
21. Fuck The Money - B.o.B. (feat. Asher Roth)
22. Killer - Guilty Simpson (prod. Oh-No)
23. Black Diamond - Pangaea (Whosane / prod. Oh-No)
24. Deranged Vets - Epsilon Project (Prod. V.I)
25. Aint Nobody Better Than Us - Fortilive (Mush-Mouf & Slo-Mo feat. Illmind)
26. Lowerface - Cloudy October (The Aviator is Dead E.P.)
27. Hurry Up and Wait - Nocando (Jimmy the Lock LP)

All you have to know about Dj Pratt (Bio):

Dj Pratt contacts: Twitter, Mixcrate, Mixcloud, Soundcloud, Tumblr

DJ PRATT first hit the scene in 1997, but the love of DJing started long before that. Many years prior, he became intrigued by watching his cousin work the “wheels of steel”. There was something engaging about witnessing his favorite songs being played on a rotating platter and then hearing an interesting sound come from the turntables that he would later learn was called the “transform” scratch. The classic Transformers cartoon, from which the scratch was named, was already a favorite of young J Pratt and the love for the DJ artform just grew from there. He tried for many years to convince his parents to buy him “one of those DJ starter kits”…to no avail.

Fast-forward to 1997 and he finally saved up to get his own set of Technique 1200s. He quickly discovered that he had a natural knack for the turntables and less than a year later saw the release of his debut mixtape, “The Experience,” with his DJ partner, Nikoless. The next few years found him releasing more mixtapes, DJing for local Chicago crew B-Movie Fiendz (until the group called it quits), rocking some parties, DJing on Time Travel radio, joining the Vinyl Addicts, and lending his scratching talents to some demos and releases.

In 2001, he took a long hiatus from the turntables, but eventually found that walking away from that “rotating platter” wasn’t as easy as he thought… Eventually (and recently) he was drawn back in. His natural ability and passion allowed him to pick up right where left off. He first returned to the scene in 2010 by providing the cuts for PNS & Zavala’s split instrumental project, “Canciones Modernas” (Fieldwerk Records). He immediately followed that with some tour dates with Dark Time Sunshine, a new mix (“In My Honest Opinion”), and some guest mixes on WRLR 98.3 LP-FM RadioActive.

With no signs of slowing down, letting up or anymore breaks from the turntables in sight, DJ Pratt is back in full effect with a variety of mix concepts and projects in the works

The Experience - 1997(mixtape),TableManners - 1998(mixtape),Canciones Modernas, PNS&Zavala LP - 2010(cuts), IMHO(In My Honest Opinion)2010(mixtape). Face The Facts - 2010(Mixtape)

Daily Routine, Strictly for the record - 1999(mixtape), Demons Matrix, Outer Limitz(cuts)
Running With The Devil, B-Movie Fiendz(cuts)

Artist I've worked with:
Vinyl Addicts, Rubberoom, B-Movie Fiendz, PNS, Zavala, Crushcon7

Artist I've opened for:
Rubberoom, Aesop Rock, MF Doom, Micranots, Atmosphere, Mudkids, Souls Of Mischief, Ed O.G. and The Bulldogs, Mr.Dibbs, Candidt, Thee Satisfaction, Macklemore, DarkTimeSunshine, Void Pedal, Meat Number 5, Loyal Divide, Radius, Kenny Key's, THe Opus,Frank Dukes, Vitamin D, Jake One, Last Of The Record Buyers, JEL, Plain Ole Bill, Kid Cut Up, Rob Swift, 45 King, DJ Revolution, Mike The 2600 King

Peace YO