Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Audio: Gravity Movement - The Genesis // Album

<a href="http://gravitymovement.bandcamp.com/album/the-genesis">The Genesis by GravityMovement</a>

This project was inspired by changes in my life. From building a better relationship with Christ, a better relationship with my wife, to the birth of my son. Also, many people complain about the state of Hip Hop, but rarely do anything about it. I've chosen to use the GIFT that God has given me to create something that I hope moves you, inspires you and most importantly motivate you to take a look at the GIFTS God has given you and how great he is! 
Infos: reverbnation.com/gravitymovement youtube.com/Graviteevee

Nice album by "Gravity Movement" from New York. Predominantly beats at the project, but you know we like that. Track number 2 also featuring one of the fresh Rookies in the Spitter scene, i really like -> Sha Prince!. Enjoy this soulful and successful album and spread the beat. Gravity Movement! Track 11 "Nobody", you have to play directly.


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