Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Audio: Herma Puma - Synchromystic // Stream

<a href="">Synchromystic by Herma Puma</a>

Herma Puma are transatlantic Hip Hop duo Pimpernel Jones (UK) and Simple X (Chicago USA). The duo met through a shared love of crate-digging for old library records, and began to make music trading ideas and beats across the web. When they added collaborations with emcees from both sides of the pond they soon had enough tracks to create their debut album Synchromystic. Their golden-era Hip Hop takes it’s lead from the likes of Pete Rock and Prince Paul, with added nods to psych-rock, space-jazz and beyond. Purchase here.

This album is full of nice tracks, Pimpernel Jones and Simple X are a prolific team with a good nose for beats, which is mirrored in that versatile music surfaces. The debut album is a whistle-stop trip across organic, bubbling and boombappy tracks. May also something for my homie YackFou. Yo°


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