Monday, September 27, 2010

Audio: Intuition & VerBS - The Buzz EP // (2009)

<a href="">The Buzz EP (2009) FREE by equalibrum</a>

The cult classic EP dropped nearly by surprise in the summer of '09 by Intuition and VerBS. A serendipitous project that neither of them knew would get them the places it got them, or earn them the attention and critical acclaim it did...continue reading...


1.Hip No Ties (Prod. by Alpha MC) 03:50
2.Touch The Moon (Prod. by Fud) 03:02
3.What You Make It (Prod. by Aspect 1) 02:35
4.See Us (Prod. by Equalibrum) 03:30
5.Really (Prod. by Dibiase) 02:58
6.Live Write (Prod. by Alpha MC) 04:25
7.Really (EQ's Oh Well F-it Rmx) *BONUS* 02:56
8.See Us (EQ's spacefunk Rmx) *BONUS* 03:36


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