Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Audio: L.e For The Uncool - The Measure // Free Album


Five feat. The 3rd and Truck North

Solo did post this a little while ago because I was away for a couple of days. I felt like I had to bring it back.
L.e is special. He has a unique voice that some people instantly have to comment (hate) about, but L.e knows how to handle the hate from way back ("black kids call me white/ the whites call me nigga") and plays with his voice like Madlib did with Quasimoto (the high voice beeing his normal voice in this case).
The music is constantly changing and evolving. There is not a beat on here that doesn`t change at all and you can hear the perfectionism that was put into this project. Can anybody tell me who produced this?
I am pretty shure this is not for everybody, but do yourself a favour and check him out.
Download via Mediafire here.


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