Saturday, December 31, 2011

Audio: Mortis One - Crate Killer Vol.2 (Orange Sunset) // Beat Tape // R.O.L. Exclusive

<a href="">Intro by Mortis One</a>

The homie Mortis One comes with his second installment of his Beat Tape series and he decided to drop it via ...hell yeah!
This time it features a couple of verses by Cyrus Da Zine, Whyldbunch, the guys from Epsilon Project plus a Morlockk Dilemma/Hiob Remix... the rest is a good variety from all kinds of hardknockin rapbeats.
My personal favorites are Stalk The Walk (Track 4) and Get Busy (Track 14), but that is only choosing two out of an overall sick tape. Big Up, Mortis.
Make shure you check this out and also catch Crate Killer Vol.1 here.


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