Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Audio: Naughty By Nature feat. Garden State Greats // The Mixtape

Gotta Lotta:

Kill Tha Beat:

Download: Naughty By Nature f. Garden State Greats // The Mixtape

Yarp, its 5:25 o'clock in the morning in germany, so only some words: "Gotta Lotta" is still dope (we posted the video some weeks ago) and the best song closely followed by "Kill Tha Beat". Grab the E.P. at the download link above and spread the word for the NbN Legends. Props 2 2DBZ.



  1. ein Teil auf jeden Fall...2 Ausfälle sind leider drauf..was solls...ahoii

  2. und ich hatte wieder den falschen div share player..Gotta Lotta stimmt jetzt...