Thursday, September 2, 2010

Audio: P.O.S & Slug - A (2)Dope Free EP

P.O.S – Bleeding Hearts Club (MPLS Chapter) f. Slug:

P.O.S – Bush League Pysche-Out Stuff f. Slug:

P.O.S & Slug (as Hotels) – Ice Cream (prod. Ant):

Download: P.O.S & Slug - A (2)Dope Free EP

New stuff by Dudes P.O.S. & Slug makes me happy. As an Atmosphere fan since years this dope 3 tracks E.P. is like smth. i've been waiting for. I spinned some records at a vernissage with graffiti influences last weekend with homie Jimmie and i played 3 atmosphere/slug songs. People celebrated that. The storytelling got his face back. Bigup for that , GUYS! Propz 2DBZ.


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