Monday, September 20, 2010

Audio: Strange Famous Records - Factor's 2Mex Megamix

Factor's 2Mex Megamix by Strange Famous Records

01. Love Fights Back (Songodsuns 12″)
02. Falcon Gentle (B-Boys In Occupied Mexico)
03. Greener Grass ($martyr)
04. Paranoia Sheik (Mindclouders)
05. Doctors, Drums and Danger (B-Boys In Occupied Mexico)
06. Offering (Dj Nobaby – Soulmates)
07. Audible Angels (Visionaries – Galleries)
08. Baby I Aint’t Joking (2mex)
09. The Return Of Fernandomania (B-Boys In Occupied Mexico)
10. Minors Into Fire (Over The Counter Culture)
11. Mental Illness (Factor – Lawson Graham)

The official Strange Famous debut album from 2Mex is close… very close. But before we give you the future, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to school you on the past.
SFR homie (and supa-deejay-producer) Factor has put together a 17-minute megamix with tracks spanning 2Mex’s vast catalog to get you up to speed on the life of this Los Angeles legend on the eve of his new record.

Strange Famous Records put out this mix in preparation for 2Mex new album "My Fanbase Will Destroy You". SFR is the home of Sage Francis, Alias, Buck 65 or B.Dolan for example and represents avantgarde rap, social criticism and poetic afflatus. Grab the 2Mex mix for fee. yo°


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