Thursday, September 9, 2010

Audio+Video: The Butcher's Block Presents: DJ Manipulator - "Studio Kinda Dusty"

The Butcher's Block Presents: Studio Kinda Dusty Trailer from The Buther's Block on Vimeo.

Download: DJ Manipulator - Kindadusty Studio Mixtape

I am proud to be able to introduce to you the incredibly talented DJ Manipulator. What is a DJ? I think the definition varies depending on the person, and can only be defined by what a particular "DJ" does and has a passion for. Manipulator's passion is music first. He is well versed in diverse genres of music and you can hear that influence in his production work. Never trapped by invisible perimeters, Manipulator has dug through the most obscure records to find the right drum hit, horn stab or abstract sound; building blocks for his intricate compositions...continue reading...

New dope stuff by DJ Manipulator and Kinda Dusty family. Check this out and download the Mixtape for soulful Hip Hop. Check the previous releases. Aight.


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