Sunday, October 31, 2010

Audio: Frenk And Stine (MidPoint And N/A Kees) - Awaken Frenk And Stine EP1 // Beat Tape

So after the last "Horror Beat Tape" by MidPoint and Lyle Horowitz which I really liked (that PreZZure feature is still on heavy rotation) MidPoint sends us this new Ep with him and Na Kees as Frenk&Stine. This time they didn`t use samples at all and you can definitely hear that. The beats are naked ... running around in a dark spooky park at midnight.
This is part one of a three part series. Donate or download for free.
Get your horror on. Fuck halloween, listen to this.


Audio: Kanye West - The Joy (Feat. Pete Rock, Jay Z, Kid Cudi, Curtis Mayfield And Charlie Wilson) // Mp3

Ok so we are two days late... who gives a fuck!
This shit is way to good to not be on this site.
Skip along if you already know this.
To be honest I can`t really stand it when producers are using this same old Curtis loop over and over again, but Pete Rock can do whatever. This lightens up my heart. The drums come in and this track starts rolling like an old honda over these bumpy middle-eastern dirtroads so that you can hear the rust falling of.
Kanye`s huge ego has to be streched over the first two verses - well ok, Jay comes in sounding like he caught some second hand smoke. Charlie does his little "Hey" and Cudi brings a hook/bridge thing that put the last touches on this beauty.
This is for my wonderful girl back home. Anabahibbic.
Via IR.
Salam everyone.


Audio: B.Lewis,Insightful, RIL & Thriftworks - Eight (8) // EP // free DL

B.Lewis, Insightful, RIL & Thriftworks teamed up to bring you this nice Future-Beats E.P. for free. Enjoy ya Sunday!


Video: Danny Brown - Cyclops // Danny the Hybrid

Danny Brown is one of the dopest Mcees these days (i tell you that on every D.Brown post, yes yes).
We posted the MP3 some days ago, here we got the official visuals, a Helloween special. Peace, Im out for today.

Download: Danny Brown - Cyclops // prod. by Doe Pesci // Mp3


Audio: Dudley Perkins – Here // prod. Kyo Itachi // MP3

Download:  Dudley Perkins – Here // prod. Kyo Itachi // MP3

Good News!! Dudley Perkins is back with some nice classic shit called "Here" and is produced by Kyo Itachi (Album: Musikyo coming soon: Check the tune With LMNO). Thanks to the good people of Potholesinmyblog where you can find more informations.


Saturday, October 30, 2010

Audio: SLUGABED - Kankick ° Say (slugabed ruined it)

Kankick - Say (slugabed ruined it) by SLUGABED

This new & spicy song by SLUGABED made my saturday. A relaxed song, full of boogieness which has the magic to make the pic above alive. I love that sound. This is dedicated to Boogie Man Jimmy whos in East-Jerusalem right now.


Friday, October 29, 2010

Video: Dibiase Record Release Party at Low End Theory 9/15/10

Dibiase Record Release Party at Low End Theory 9/15/10 from Alpha Pup on Vimeo.

Dibiase Live at Low End Theory Club in Los Angeles on 9/15/2010 for the record release party of his debut LP, "Machines Hate Me" on Alpha Pup Records.


Video: Curren$y Pilot Talk 2 // Promo Visuals by Creative Control

Curren$y - Pilot Talk 2 Coming Soon from Creative Control on Vimeo.

The Spitta drops his Pilot Talk 2 release in november and here we got some nice video promo material produced by Quality Control.If you missed that Michael Knight leak, get it here, its tooo fresh.


Audio: Kyo Itachi - One, Two (Feat. LMNO) // Mp3

LMNO - One, Two Prod. Kyo Itachi by digicratesrecords

We know the sample from somewhere don`t we? Still this is hard knocking shit fo yo trunk. The cover is A+. Kyo Itachi`s album Musikyo is coming soon. Check it.
Shouts to EM.


Video: Bilal, Miguel Atwood-Ferguson, Daedelus, Quadron, J*DaVeY // Jam Session

This is a jam session. An act of improvisation without preparation.
Is This Love, was the first video we brought you from singer Bilal and composer/arranger Miguel Atwood-Ferguson. To say that the feedback was good is an understatement. Today is a video continuation of the Bilal and Miguel Atwood-Ferguson Bomb Shelter saga entitled, “Tainted Love.” Know by many as Synthpop duo Soft Cell’s big hit in 1981, “Tainted Love” was originally composed by Ed Cobb, formerly of The Four Preps and originally recorded by Gloria Jones in 1964 as the B-side to “My Bad...continue reading.......

This is for my Homie Jones. See you in a week brother.


Audio: Musik für Menschen - Mal sehen, ob das ein Album wird // formprim

Musik für Menschen
"Musik für Menschen" ist genau das, was der Titel verspricht. form (klein geschrieben), der sich im richtigen Leben als Rapper, Kunstmacher und Gutmensch verdingt, hört gern auch andere Musik als Rap und hatte im privat ziemlich schlechten Jahr 2008 das dringende Bedürfnis, sich auch noch auf anderem Wege auszudrücken als durch Rap. So entstand "Musik für Menschen", ein musikalisch wieder sehr offenes Projekt, das aber eben weniger berappt als besungen ....weiterlesen nach dem "more" link....

Ich mag ja Genre-Musik bzw. wenn es sich um Rap dreht auch gerne mal Liedermachermusik mit Hip Hop Attitüde, villeicht ein Hauch Anticon. Das der Junge auch rappen kann hat er auf dem letzten release (Hier reinhören) schon bewiesen. Ich hab mich auf jeden Fall amüsiert beim reinhören, mit meinem Kollegen Anatol.
Alles wichtige wie der Album-Stream und Video findet ihr nach dem More button.

Musik für Menschen // formprim


Thursday, October 28, 2010

Audio: Jams DaBoombox Aka King Boom - Subordinated Beings // MP3

Brave new World Is A Dope Read. I Just Started It & Got A Good Dose of Inspiration. Dude Wrote This Waaaay Back. And What He Depicts In This Book Seems Like The World Now. Been A Long Time Since A Book Sucked Me In. Anyways, I Made A Track & Put Some Aldous Huxley Quotes On Top Of It. Good Ole Beat Music. Check It Out!

"After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music."
...Aldous Huxley


Audio: Young De aka DEMRICK - DE Is For DEMRICK // Mixtape

Internet is slow as fuck here in Jerusalem. The neighbour doesn`t know how to lock his shit. haha ... so I can`t listen to the whole tape for now, but I know a couple of the songs and they go hard.
Check one of the songs above and download his mixtape here.


Video: Arte - New York Minute / The Magic Number // Episode 2

This time it`s Joell Ortiz. These documentations are so real it`s very beautiful to watch them... none of this fake rap/industry stuff.
Can´t wait for the next episode. Check out the first one right here.


Audio: The Left - Reporting Live (Featuring Guilty Simpson) // Mp3

The Left just dropped their album The Gas Mask. Here is another sick cut to promote the release. The Left consists of Apollo Brown (as the producer), Journalist 103 (as the rapper) and DJ SOKO (as the... well you already know).
This track featuring Guilty Simpson should be enough to convince everybody to buy the album.
Absolute banger.
Shouts to BH.


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Audio: kidkanevil - Setsuko // Bug Remix // First Word Records

kidkanevil - Setsuko // Bug Remix:

Hello again

kidkanevil returns following his excursions at the prestigious Red Bull Music Academy with Basho Basho Remixed Remixed (so good we named it twice). For this album, kidkanevil has invited a select few producers into the realm of Tokyorkshire to rework tracks from January’s critically acclaimed Basho Basho album...more....


Video: Gangrene (The Alchemist and Oh No) - The Sickness // Official Video

I am impatiently waiting on their album which was to drop on the 12th of october and has now been pushed back until the 22nd of november. Now they put out a limited saw blade record with four non album tracks plus the instrumentals. 20 bucks for USA buyers and 50!!! bucks for international fans...
This is the video to one of those tracks. Killa...

...should we get a copy, solo? (sieht hamma aus die scheibe)

This is what DECON had to say:

The Alchemist and Oh No (Gangrene) "The Sickness" Official Video directed by Jason Goldwatch. Pick up the limited Saw Blade vinyl with 4 exclusive non album tracks here. - Gutter Water album in stores 11.22!

jimmy jimmy ya

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Audio: Ghostface Killah - Purified Thoughts (Prod. By Frank Dukes) // Mp3

I swore to never support clean versions, but this is some real decent Ghostface on some wu-like production by Frank Dukes.
Wu Tang Forever ...and Ironman is the best album by a Wu Tang member.Period.

jimmy / with greetings from the holy city to all my ROL dudes...

Video: Odd Future (OFWGKTA) Live- Low End Theory, Los Angeles, Oct. 20, 2010

OFWGKTA live at Low End Theory from Alpha Pup on Vimeo.

Live Show is Fire! 666 !

Audio: Domo Genesis - Rolling Papers // Album // Oddfuture
Audio: Earl Sweatshirt - Vintage Tunes // Deerskin & Drop 
Audio: Tyler The Creator - Bastard (2009) // Free Album
Audio: EARL - Earl Sweatshirt // Free Album
Video: EARL - Earl


Audio: Rufio- The Edgewater // Album (Beat Tape)

On & On feat. Chuuwee:

Kan uvv Wrrms feat. Keno:

The Cove Lounge feat. Haz Solo:

Some fresh stuff straight from Sacramento by Rufio who produced all the beats in 1 week and managed some dope features too. I like sluggish drums and the waiver of quantisation, additionally smooth & effortless. I fav* several of the songs but the 3 above, with Chuuwee, Keno and Haz SOLO are extra dope.


Monday, October 25, 2010

Audio: Frankenstein,The Phantom, Tom Dice,Jump Steady - THE PATH IS NARROW

Taken from unsung Heroes album unleashed, this is a lyrical bomb which features Canadian rapper/producer Frankenstein as well as The Phantom and the Visitors(Tom Dice and Jump Steady). The MC'S rhyme in the order as shown above.The album itself also features Godfather Don, Robbo, Mr complex, Roy ayres and other artists. The path is indeed narrow for the uncompromising artist!

eleased 01 January 2000

This arrived exclusiv by Tom Dice, THE PATH IS NARROW is a 10 year old song which is steady fresh in 2010.



This was incredible.More Videos to come. Enjoy the pocketcam visuals above. Sorry for the bad Quality.


Sunday, October 24, 2010

Video: Kanye West “Runway” 35-Minute Short Film // 23.OCT.2010

Do you know a guy whos going crazy like KANYE do...? Check this nice 35 min short movie. Girls,Bunnies,Art,Beats,Kanye,Hell,Fire,Devil,God!


Audio: Makes Van - Hronic + Scary + Magic Door // Stream & DL

Makes Van - Hronic(Demo):
Makes Van - Hronic(Demo) by Makes Van
Makes Van - Scary:
Makes Van Baby - Scary by Makes Van
Makes Van - Magic door(live on the keyboard in FL Studio):
Makes Van - Magic door(live on the keyboard in FL Studio) =) by Makes Van

Recognized that Beat Cat Makes Van from Russia while grabbing across thousands of soundcloud tracks. 18 years old Dude from Samara produces dope beats for his age and im sure if he keeps on working on his skillz he will get a big producer. The beats above are totally fresh even though i think they need a bit more variety. Doesnt matter right now, but hopefully the tracks in the near future will comply this point. BTW Makes Van is our latest entry for the Rapohnelizenz Beat Tape Vol.2. So stay tuned and spread the beat.


Friday, October 22, 2010

Audio: R.O.L pres. Torkeltol - Asterix Erobert CD-Rom // Free Album // Torky Tork + Anatol Atonal // Shalomsalon

Ganz Deutschland ist von Spinnern erobert? Nicht ganz. Irgendwo gibt es immer noch ein paar noch Verrücktere, die sich eingeigelt in ihrem Nest von einem Zauberer ins Tripgewitter schicken lassen. Wer hier der Zauberer ist und wer der Kämpfer, wird nicht ganz klar. Ganz klar ist jedoch, dass man diese Art von Absurditäten so wohl noch nie hören durfte. Gesampled werden sämtliche Asterix Zeichentrickfilme, die ihr so kennen könntet. Gerappt wird über alles was sich nicht noch schnell in Deckung bringen konnte. Absoluter Albtraum für jeden anständigen HipHopper! ...wie Solo so schön sagen würde: ANSTAND ist SCHEISSE!

Rap by Anatol Atonal --- Beats by Torky Tork


For all you non-german-speaking people:

Crazy ass Germans - slicing Asterix cartoons into nervracking rap trips to obnoxiousnastan.

This is a and presentation!!!


Audio+Video: Minor Sick - Life Insurance Lies in Anti N taken from the "Fremdscham in Reality" LP

Minor Sick - Life Insurance Lies in Anti N (Video)
Taken from the upcoming “Fremdscham in Reality” 12” on Duzz Down San.
Another Track is available at Minor Sick’s Soundcloud. If you dig what you hear pre-order the album at If you need more information on minor sick & the 12”.. check the info-sheet. (english+german)

Wow, this is so good, Duzz Down San serves high quality music. Looking forward for the 12", have to order this, BTW prelistening here -> HHV. Previous release "Harte Liebe in der Realität" is also sick and is available for free download via bandcamp. This is pure 2010 JAZZ. Thx. brother FEUX!

solo the antihero

Audio: Odd Nosdam - live @ WE Artspace oakland 4​|​4​|​10

recorded by stevedood @ WE Artspace in Oakland, CA on April 4, 2010 during the opening of Chris Vogel's 'Kaleidoscape' show.

I like that spheric sound of Anticon Hero ODD NOSDAM. This is my fav' track of his live set off the Artspace. Download the set via Bandcamp for free.




Ihr seht nun das 78. Video der HALT DIE FRESSE Serie jetzt mit
"HAFTBEFEHL" und seinem Song "GLÄNZEN".
Exklusiv nur bei AGGRO.TV.

Einer der wenigen Ausnahmen die ihrem Genre gerecht werden. Asslack Kurdistan! Ich freu mich sehr auf das Album!! Das ist wahrlich EAR 2 the STREET!! Das geht raus an RAYAN49 und WACLOVE...


Video: Pierresonality - Kein Hiphop Fame Snippet

Pierresonality aka Pierre Sonality ist mir in letzter Zeit oft begegnet auf diditalem Wege. Sei es der Sendemastgang Boostaaa namens Primus oder das zuletzt veröffentlichte Video zur Federboa single.Wer sich auf Youtube rumtreibt wie ich kennt auch etwaige releases die mit der Zeit gedroppt wurden. Für mich ist Pierre deshalb interessant, weil er freshe Beats pickt aber vor allem weil er ein guter Rapper ist mit hohem Sympathiestatus. Keiner der sich typischen Hip Hop Attitüden hingibt seien es platte Battlephrasen oder pseudo-intelektuelle Strömungen aus dem Anti-Deutschen Zirkel der Linken. Das Snippet das Ihr oberhalb sehen könnt ist ein kleiner Querschnitt durch guten, entspannten und unterhaltsamen DoischRap. Ich freue mich auf die im November erscheinende Kassette Pierre Sonality & die Funkverteidiger und spreche nochmals ein BIGUP aus. Pierre wir sehen uns Sonntag bei MF DOOM. (Myspace)


Audio: Magestik Legend - To be continued...Vol. 2 // Mixtape

We featured Magestik Legend in some of our posts cuz he's simply a dope MC. I'm little late on this one, cuz he dropped To Be Continued Vol. 2 alongside with his new website yesterday. But better late than never, right?! The Mixtape is hosted by Big Pooh and mixed by DJ Flash, both members of Little Brother.
Relax, lean back an listen to good Music!


Audio: DJ Prime Minister & Wanja - I still love Detroit Vol.2 // Mixtape

The I still love Detroit mixtape series was born in 2009 as a result of a conference for Detroit Hip Hop artists held by Germanys own Wanja and Detroit MC Blake Eerie.Ever since Wanja's first visit to Detroit she saw the incredible potential that Motown offers and decided to push the cities underground artists to put Detroit on the map where it had belonged for many years already.

This second Installment of the Mixtape Series shows again, that there is plenty more than just Eminem, Dilla and BlackMilk. Presented by
Grab it @UserShare @MediaFire or Stream @BandCamp


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Video: Arte - New York Minute / Midnight Marauder // Episode 1

We really liked the trailers... now we have the first episode.
This first part takes a look at the CD-selling rappers on Times Square.
Anyone who ever visited New York City and went to the Virgin Mega Store, Times Square or anywhere in Manhattan most likely met these guys. I still have one of those CDs. Dude said he had Busta on the there... well it was SpliffStar, but nevertheless his Album was fresh.
Very good documentation.

By the way:
Fuck the pigs.


Audio: Ill Bill x Steven King - Fathers of Violence // Mixtape

Ill Bill and Steven King team up for a new collaboration mixtape. It has some nice tracks on it, but isn't as dope as the artwork. But whatever, it's free. So grab it @usershare or @rapidshare.


Video: Dagha & Psych Major - Wild Fellow // Noise Is The Trigger EP

WildFellow from Psych Major on Vimeo.

New video from the Dagha + Psych Major EP "Noise Is The Trigger.
Available through all online retailers on October 20th!
EP has collabos with Lil Dap, Smoothe Da Hustler and Al Jabra of Blak Madeen.


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Video: Lefty – American Zombie Voodoo Child / Eyes Wide Open

Illlllllllll! Lefty you are killing it.
Take your time and beat up a nazi today.
Shouts to gg.


Audio: Skeme - Pistols And Palm Trees // Free Album

What I Deserve (Prod. By Hit Boy)

Don`t Lose Focus (Prod. By Chris King)

We love our g-music, don`t we? Who doesn`t love Ice Cube?
Now for everyone who is not familiar with SKEME I guess to me this Californian native is some kind of mixture between Danny Brown, Lil Wayne and a bit of Jeezy (download the whole album and you know what I mean). Definitely dope music right here. Check out the video to "Don`t Lose Focus" here. Big Ups to Earmilk for this one.


Audio + Pics: Suff Daddy - Champion Sound Gig // Erfurt Germany

Some Pics we shot at the Suff Daddy Champion Sound gig in Erfurt 3 weeks ago. Dude is Kool and im happy to visit one more gig next month. Enjoy his Beat off the Rapohnelizenz Beat Tape Vol. 1 above or check more Suffy stuff right here. Thx. Benno Bounce - Champion Sound.


Audio: Statik Selektah & Termanology - 1982 // Album Stream // Rel.Date October 26th, 2010

1982 (Statik Selektah & Termanology) by Brick Records

Full stream of Statik Selektah & Termanology's "1982" album dropping stores 26.Oct.2010. This is powered by ProAudioStar and contributes with Dj Booth.


Audio: Copywrite - Three Story Building ft. Dilated Peoples & MF Grimm //MP3 + Eyedea Tribute

In case u don't know: Copywrite is one of of my favorite and one ofthe sickest, most underrated Mcees out there. Sleeping long time in the underground without constantly pushing out new music, except a track here and there and his Rebirth EP, Copywrite will release his sophomore album "The Life and Times od Peter Nelson" on November 16th. "Three Story Building" is the first leak and features the Dilated Peoples and MF Grimm.

In Addition Copywrite released a track for Eyedea who passed away two days ago. Although there was some controversy because of it's early release, i will post it anyway, because i think it's a great track and wonderful dedication to eyedea. RIP!


Video: DJ Muggs & Ill Bill - Milleniums of Murder

Here's the latest Visual of the great comic video series of Muggs and Ill Bill. Great vintage look as usual, but not my favourite track.


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Audio: J. Rocc - Play This Too // 12"-inch // Stonesthrow

J Rocc - Play This Too by stonesthrow

We have here is a 12-inch EP from J Rocc, the first sounds of what will be his first album of original material, Some Cold Rock Stuf, coming in 2011. The EP is “Play This Too” - title track, bonus beats, backed with two other tracks.

J. Rocc is known as a founding member of the Beat Junkies, long-time DJs for Madlib (including the third member of Jaylib), and for our money, the best hip hop DJ in the world. But we've been asked what his own album is – a mixtape? A DJ album? A beats album? The answer is none of the above. Play this and find out ...

This new stonesthrow release is fresh, funky and fantastic. J. Rocc to the fullest, hard banging funk drums and a power boost for any dance floor. This is a must have.


Audio: Dam Funk & Computer Jay // All City Los Angeles 7" series (nr.7)

preview: Dam Funk – Night Stroll:

preview: Computer Jay – Vice

Number 7 in the series showcasing the sound of two thirds of the MasterBlaster group – Dam Funk & ComputerJay. The ubiquitious Dam Funk needs little introduction. He’s definitely played at a town near you on multiple occasions in the last few years and still has time for his weekly throwdown – Funkmosphere- in Culver City keeping his hood pass most definitely intact. He gives us two tracks here – the first a delicious groover ‘Night Stroll’ and the second a more frenetic workout – ‘3012 Luv Affair’. Flipping over Computer Jay kicks off in an almost ESG-esque vein with ‘Phantom’ following with two further tracks of heavy drums and an array of analog sounds. In keeping with much of the series Jay’s side blends as one packing in a whole heap to his ten minutes. As ever it’s held together by B+ photo jacket.

I posted some issues of that All City Los Angeles 7" series a while ago. Number 7 is featuring Dam Funk with that Grand Theft Auto Vice City sound and Computer Jay with his virus infected penny arcade songs. Listen to the other previews and Purchase the 7" via All City Los Angeles.


Video: Flying Lotus-”Kill Your Coworkers” // Pattern + Grid World //

Flying Lotus - Kill Your Co-Workers from beeple on Vimeo.

Pattern + Grid World is more than a successful Flying Lotus release, it shows me another face of him. Beeple aka Mike Winkelmann produced this wonderful visuals and rides symbiotic on the vibes of "Kill Your Coworkers". A small Masterpiece. Bigup for this Mr. Beeple! Not sure if this is an official project, but tell me who need more rules and dogmas, if you know somebody please give him a punch.


Video: Freeway - Escalators // prod. by Jake One

Latest Freeway leak off his upcoming release "Diamond in the Ruff". Escalators is produced by fresh producer cat "Jake One" filled with a B.I.G. sample. Track is nice but the visuals are not my tase. It doesnt matter, its a music thang.


Video: Starring: Jaren Taylor as LiL Montage One... // Gather Round visually feat. Dilated Peoples, Gold Chain Military and many more...

I like Montage one and the idea of this new video. More infos about the project via


Audio: SenZ27 - Ballast EP // Duzz Down San

SenZ27: heyho dear followers..
we got a new release out since friday.. it’s some german rap stuff you might like!
have a listen to the snippet if u haven’t heard about it…


Ziemlich gutes Doisch-rap Release aus dem Hause Duzz Down San, denen man hier sicherlich schon begegnet ist wenn man den Blog regelmässig verfolgt. Mit Senz27 finden wir einen aus dem Leben erzählenden Mcee mit Geschichten und Bildern in denen viele von uns sich wiederfinden. Ich mag Rap der mich unterhält und mich nicht zwangsweise mit platten Attitüden langweilt die man in jedem 3.ten Rapsong findet. Was die Beats und Produktionsinformationen angeht findet man alles nötige auf Bandcamp, von mir gibts ein "SAUBER" und den Hinweis das man es kaufen kann für schmale 2,70 Euro. yarp.


Audio: HipDrop pres. Beat Select 2 // Beat Tape

The guys of HipDrop sent us this nice Beat Tape. It features New Zealand only producers and gives a good inside look of the variety of their beat smiths. You can find dubstep and glitchhop, raw beats. Nice Collection, grab it via BandCamp.


Audio: S.Maharba - Banu Mix for Error Broadcast

For the fourth installation of our mixtape series, we are glad to welcome UK producer S.Maharba. The name is notoriously surrounded with fuzzy images of pin-up girls, however not much is known of the person behind this masquerade of 1970’s sex idols.
His Banu tape for EB compiles the most adventurous beat music you can find to date. Dirty L.A. is featured with Juj, Kutmah, Durlin Lurt and Leaving Records boss MatthewDavid. AEED, ichiro_ and OL from our team make another appearance, as well as EB future wunderkind iL. UK stands tall with Kato, Young Montana? and shooting stars Forest Swords. Most tracks are condensed to the very essence, looped and blurred into each other while S.Maharba lavishly embraces everything from Progressive Rock to reverb-laden Ambient: this is what makes this mix one of the best we had in a long, long while.

You know, i love that dude. S.maharba .Stream or download the mix for error broadcast (download) and get a trip across his likes.


Audio: Lee Spacey - Entering the Heliosphere & Clementine (DSPSE) // MP3

Lee Spacey - Entering the Heliosphere by Lee_Spacey
Lee Spacey - Clementine (DSPSE) by Lee_Spacey

Clementine (officially called the Deep Space Program Science Experiment (DSPSE)) was a joint space project between the Ballistic Missile Defense Organization (BMDO, previously the Strategic Defense Initiative Organization, or SDIO) and NASA. Launched on January 25, 1994, the objective of the mission was to test sensors and spacecraft components under extended exposure to the space environment and to make scientific observations of the Moon and the near-Earth asteroid 1620 Geographos.

Two new joints by dutch producer Lee Spacey, he is back from his mars odyssey to celebrate his new alien & electric-garlic disco tunes.


Video: Gotham Green & Quickie Mart 'Malk & Green' ft. Malkovich

Gotham Green & Quickie Mart bring you their 5th video off The Haze Diaries Vol. 3. This time its 'Malk & Green' ft. Malkovich (BLX Crew). Shot by J6 in and around Hollywood, CA. Special shoutout to Adam Bach of The Originators. Also, a very special THANK YOU to Sarah aka Pebbles for letting us run through her crib for the video and even cooking us some grub in the process.


Sunday, October 17, 2010

R.I.P. Eyedea // Eyedea & Abilities - Paradise

@eyedeaabilities Eyedea & Abilities
It is with great pain and sadness that I tell you my son Mikey (Eyedea) has passed away. At this time we kindly...

R.I.P. Eyedea

Audio: Paul White - Stones Throw Podcast 62 // Mp3

Rapohnelizenz are a big fans of this dude Paul White from England. Click the tags to see what this guy has to offer.
This podcast for Stones Throw comes with wicked (that`s British, right?) beats and a couple of unbelievable sick remixes (Guilty Simpson, Tranqill, MED/Talib Kweli,... anybody knows the last one? crazy) ..tacklist is coming tomorrow.
This is a must download. I repeat. Download this now.

...wouldn`t be surprised if the next Guilty Simson album is entirely produced by Paul White.



Wolf City
A New Way
Ancient Treasure ft. Guilty Simpson (Paul White’s Day Off Remix)
The Magic Window
Hype Strings
Future Adventures
Electronic Logos Inc
Mogwai's Singing Lessons
The Doldrums
The Professor
Nasty Business ft. Tranqill
The Curve
MED 'Classic' ft. Talib Kweli (Paul White Remix)
So Far Away
The Pointless Forest
London Town Interlude
King Arthur
Guitar Riff Part IIII
Loopy Tunes Interlude
Run Shit ft. Marv Won
League Under The Sea
We'll Never End

It`s Marv Won! And the Tranqill song is not a rmx.
Get this, guys.


Audio: Serengeti And Polyphonic - Mega Zoo // Mp3

Future shit right here. The beat leans forward, rapper leans back (no Fat Joe) and the freak zoo begins. Cover is just as nice.
Good shit by Grandgood.


Audio: Teddy Faley - My Rough Mixes Are Better Than Your Rough Mixes // free DL

A hodgepodge collection of remixes and unreleased songs by Teddy Faley, with appearances from Cubbiebear, Kaoz, Remstarr, Ellet's Mom, & Look Ma No Hands. All scratches by DJ Addikt

This release is a bit older but has some very dope remixes on it. If you like irregular drumsets and cloudy beats combined with deep lyrics, go ahead and download it via bandcamp. Tip: Cubbiebear - The Hulk // Thx. Barry Ehre for peeping me that.


Audio: Consequence – Man Purses // prod. J Dilla // MP3

Maybe 20 bars on that vibing J Dilla beat, but have to post that. I often miss that sound these days.
Download: Consequence – Man Purses // prod. J Dilla MP3

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Video: Grind Time Now presents: Nocando vs Dizaster (1 week preparation)

Grizzlemania2: With only a weeks worth of preperation, two Los Angeles beasts go head to head for the 8th time. Nocando, a project blowed veteran and scribble jam champion goes up against Dizaster, grind time vet and the pit champion. Will the short notice to battle force the mc's to rely on freestyling to wield their swords of lyrical skill towards victory? Find out NOW on GRIND TIME NOW: NOCANDO VS DIZASTER THE LAST CHAPTER!


Friday, October 15, 2010

Audio: New York Minute // Teaser // Oct. 20th

New York Minute /// Oct. 20th from Gasface on Vimeo.

60 Seconds from Gasface on Vimeo.

Hey Young World,

here's some footage of New York Minute,
the 6-Part Miniseries Event we'll drop on Oct. 20th
It smells like Kryptonite, right ?You can ask Joell Ortiz, G-Dep or any Ruff Ryder : from oct. 20th, aNYthing can happen.Apart from being a miniseries, New York Minute will also set up a Hip Hop Guide to the Fast Life.Basically, our blog will turn into a monster website.That is : a web-based, collaborative, multilingual encyclopedia about New York's culture combining videos, sounds, texts and picture... Lame Time, Bang Time or Money Time : this map will be a mine of New York stories written and edited collaboratively by anyone who care about this city's legacy, wherever he lives in Brooklyn, Jersey... or Japan

Im really curious about that and i have to thank Ramon Mathilde (arte TV) for peeping me this. Looking Forward.


Audio: Proflogik - Languid SlUdGe SpEcKs & Silent Chatter // Beats

Prof.logik x Languid SlUdGe SpEcKs by proflogik
Silent chatter by proflogik

Latest productions by Proflogik are as is usual, spacey, floating and a bit blunted. Dude is talented and goes up with diverse styles and configurations in producing. You will see him on our Beat Tape Vol. 2, so stay tuned and check more audio files at his BC or SC !


Thursday, October 14, 2010

Audio: Phil Da Agony And Krondon - U Can`t Stay Away (Prod. By BeatMakerBeat) // Mp3

Two thirds of Strong Arm Steady rip a beautiful BeatMakerBeat beat.
Check out BMB`s new album two posts below this one right here.
Nothing in our inbox yet, but maybe we will get this guy to be on the next R.O.L. Beat Tape coming in November/December. Let`s make it happen.
Nice one via DGI.


Video: Holy Fuck – Red Lights // off the "Latin" LP

These are the 2.nd visuals for Holy Fucks album "Latin". This Cat video is dedicated to our family cat "Rakete(Rocket)", she is actually very sad because she lost her liberty she had in the last flat. She was independent and could leave the house when she wanted. These times are over. Lovely Rocket, please enjoy this nice song on your icat-phone and let the sadness go.


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Audio: Beat Maker Beat aka Space Kid - MacroKosmos // new Album

<a href="">'MacroKosmos' by Beat-Maker-Beat aka Space Kid</a>

New experimental album of Beat-Maker-Beat aka Space Kid.MacroKosmos concept: cosmos of Mind and Vibez/Big in the small...The majority of tracks are written down in real time. Without computer.only analog japan: Akai mpc3000/Korg MS2000B,Triton,Moog L.P.,kaossilator1,kaoss-pad1, + more other live stuff...

We showed you the preview of 3 tracks some days ago, good move by mr. Hypedog who peeped that release to me. Today Beat Maker Beat aka. Spacekid dropped the complete LP you can listen and purchase via BMB bandcamp. Take a listen for this spacey and high quality Beat album.


Audio: The Doppelgangaz - Doppelgang Affiliation // MP3

<a href="">Doppelgang Affiliation by The Doppelgangaz</a>

Latest Doppelgangaz single produced by The Doppelgangaz for Groggy Pack Entertainment.
Check previous DG releases right here. Stay tuned on them, always fresh!


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Audio: Shyheim - Welcome 2 The Bottom // Mp3

Shyheim has a new mixtape for you which you can download here.
This is the first song and the beat is bananas. Sick.
Listen to the mixtape here.


Audio: Consequence - Alphabet Boys (Prod. By Kanye West) // Mp3

Tribe! Everytime I dj I play something of Beats, Rhymes and Life. Consequence is just as good as Q-Tip when it comes to the rhymes...
Nowadays you can find this on thisis50.
Times have changed - the music is still as good as it gets.