Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Audio: Beat Maker Beat aka Space Kid - MacroKosmos // new Album

<a href="">'MacroKosmos' by Beat-Maker-Beat aka Space Kid</a>

New experimental album of Beat-Maker-Beat aka Space Kid.MacroKosmos concept: cosmos of Mind and Vibez/Big in the small...The majority of tracks are written down in real time. Without computer.only analog japan: Akai mpc3000/Korg MS2000B,Triton,Moog L.P.,kaossilator1,kaoss-pad1, + more other live stuff...

We showed you the preview of 3 tracks some days ago, good move by mr. Hypedog who peeped that release to me. Today Beat Maker Beat aka. Spacekid dropped the complete LP you can listen and purchase via BMB bandcamp. Take a listen for this spacey and high quality Beat album.