Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Audio: The Bronx Über Villain - Neck On Froze // Mp3

<a href="http://thebronxubervillain.bandcamp.com/track/neck-on-froze">Neck On Froze by The Bronx Über Villain</a>

This sounds like it`s 2010. Maybe it even sounds 2012ish.
It`s not for free... well maybe that`s the future,too ..and we can close down this site straight away. Let`s go people. Spend a buck on this über shit.
This is the story to the song (lyrics can be found on his bandcamp site):

One of the only pieces of audible data, salvaged from the damaged drive that once housed, "The Bronx Über Villaini" LP. This work, an integral fragment of 'sound history' conceived by one mysterious figure the world will soon recognize.
Neck On Froze is available exclusively on Bandcamp.com.
It is not on iTunes or the most familiar digital channels for purchase. The "Über Villain" will receive all proceeds for his product directly, so that he may continue his projects of science and make available his findings in the most timely and efficient means.
Science is expensive...
Invest in the science of sound today. Participate in shaping a future filled with innovation that you, have vested interest in. (Be the programmer not the programmed... - Douglas Rushkoff)
The "People's Villain" is engineering new works as you read this.


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  1. Thank You. My machine grows. My next movement is active.