Sunday, October 31, 2010

Audio: Kanye West - The Joy (Feat. Pete Rock, Jay Z, Kid Cudi, Curtis Mayfield And Charlie Wilson) // Mp3

Ok so we are two days late... who gives a fuck!
This shit is way to good to not be on this site.
Skip along if you already know this.
To be honest I can`t really stand it when producers are using this same old Curtis loop over and over again, but Pete Rock can do whatever. This lightens up my heart. The drums come in and this track starts rolling like an old honda over these bumpy middle-eastern dirtroads so that you can hear the rust falling of.
Kanye`s huge ego has to be streched over the first two verses - well ok, Jay comes in sounding like he caught some second hand smoke. Charlie does his little "Hey" and Cudi brings a hook/bridge thing that put the last touches on this beauty.
This is for my wonderful girl back home. Anabahibbic.
Via IR.
Salam everyone.


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