Saturday, October 9, 2010

Audio: O.C. - Brothers Are Fake/ Would You Believe //Mp3

Brothers Are Fake

Would You Believe

These two are part of a limited (250 copies) vinyl release featuring 7 unreleased demo songs by the D.I.T.C. rapper.
You can almost hear that golden dust on these track from a golden era.
These two are free. The record is 50 bucks a piece.

This is the tracklist:

Side A
1. OUTSIDERS [Buckwild]
2. WOULD YOU BELIEVE? [Buckwild]
3. KICK A RHYME FOR THE RECORD [Mark Pearson / John Mcgann]
4. STRETCH AND BOBBITO PROMO (intro by MC Serch) [Eclipse]

Side B
5. BROTHERS ARE FAKE [Mark Pearson / John Mcgann]
7. SUGAR [Buckwild]


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