Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Audio: Octopus Jones - ANGLER FISHING // Beat Tape // Khris P of KReam Team

<a href="http://octopusjones.bandcamp.com/album/angler-fishing">ANGLER FISHING by Octopus Jones</a>

St.Louis producer, Khris P of KReam Team aka Octopus Jones brings an instrumental album for your listening pleasure. Known as a composer, he takes samples and flips them with ease, using them as if they were chords on a keyboard. The title Angler Fishing is based on the saying “there are plenty of fish in the sea.” Though that’s true, everyone is looking for the one that stands out from the rest. Once the fish is caught, one does not know the outcome until they’ve experienced it. The tape is centered around love, detailing the hardships, joy, confusion, and euphoric state one can go through while being in it.

Fantastic Beat Tape by Octopus Jones. Nice chopped samples, versatile sound and funky drums from all hemispheres. This refreshs my energy status. The development of the mood on the E.P. is sick from the first to the last track. Digg This digital Beat cassette...dope fo shoo... ( Octopus Jones: Myspace / Bandcamp) VIA


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