Sunday, October 17, 2010

Audio: Paul White - Stones Throw Podcast 62 // Mp3

Rapohnelizenz are a big fans of this dude Paul White from England. Click the tags to see what this guy has to offer.
This podcast for Stones Throw comes with wicked (that`s British, right?) beats and a couple of unbelievable sick remixes (Guilty Simpson, Tranqill, MED/Talib Kweli,... anybody knows the last one? crazy) ..tacklist is coming tomorrow.
This is a must download. I repeat. Download this now.

...wouldn`t be surprised if the next Guilty Simson album is entirely produced by Paul White.



Wolf City
A New Way
Ancient Treasure ft. Guilty Simpson (Paul White’s Day Off Remix)
The Magic Window
Hype Strings
Future Adventures
Electronic Logos Inc
Mogwai's Singing Lessons
The Doldrums
The Professor
Nasty Business ft. Tranqill
The Curve
MED 'Classic' ft. Talib Kweli (Paul White Remix)
So Far Away
The Pointless Forest
London Town Interlude
King Arthur
Guitar Riff Part IIII
Loopy Tunes Interlude
Run Shit ft. Marv Won
League Under The Sea
We'll Never End

It`s Marv Won! And the Tranqill song is not a rmx.
Get this, guys.


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