Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Audio: Room E - Diagonal Signs // Beat Tape

<a href="">Diagonal Signs by Room E</a>

San Diego producer Room E returns with the digital release of Diagonal Signs, the follow-up to Palms Together, released earlier this year. The ten-track instrumental album is a mostly inward journey, subtly suggesting a story of tragedy and fear. Room E shows his influences by weaving in different strains of electronic music, ranging from the tense IDM of Squarepusher (album opener “Descendant”) to the cold British tone of Burial (“Not Today Not Tomorrow”), with an eye to the thriving Los Angeles beat scene. The result is harrowing. Room E, 25, lives and works in San Diego. He has been making music for about ten years, with his journey taking him through various modes of hip-hop and electronic music, from computers to MPCs and back to computers, leading him, like many others, to a place as an independent artist, crafting instrumental songs with less and less thought for category or placement.

Room E hit me up with his new Beat album "Diagonal Signs". This is one of the releases you cannot simply categorize. You have spheric beats like Bad Mood Day and tracks like Descendant which seems like a variety of "two step" kids confined in a gambling hall. The album is versatile and keeps it exciting till the last track. You will find a touch of the new "Beat Generation Kids" but crazy arranged boombappy portions too. This is a journey. Purchase the album here and support ROOM E.


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