Monday, October 4, 2010

Audio: Tom Dice - Your Name Describes Me

<a href="">YOUR NAME DESCRIBES ME by Tom Dice</a>

Tom uses artist names as adjectives to describe himself
I don't act Fabulous that's Juvenile
It's Ludicrous for you to bite my style
Hip Hop is MC Lite on some Sugarhill rappers delight
and yo they can't rhyme tight
I get Redman just to escape the fake
cos Lord Have Mercy ...I need a Canibus break
a Biggie, a Big L , a Funk Doobie
I'm on a Black moon in a Scientific movie,
you need Special Ed and a Q-tip,
so you can hear and understand every rhyme that I rip,
My names Tom Dice not Charlie Brown
a leader of the new but I been around
so stay out my Bizmark ... don't be a Snoop
You must be on kane or a Fat man scoop
and if you gonna bite you better Rob Swift
before I switch up my style and write in Hyroglyphs
you can Scratch The Source..or XXLl
but I don't Vibe with a girl that will kiss and tell
I'm the microphone fiend but I'm not the master
known to make Russels bro. run a little faster.....


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