Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Audio: S.Maharba - Banu Mix for Error Broadcast

For the fourth installation of our mixtape series, we are glad to welcome UK producer S.Maharba. The name is notoriously surrounded with fuzzy images of pin-up girls, however not much is known of the person behind this masquerade of 1970’s sex idols.
His Banu tape for EB compiles the most adventurous beat music you can find to date. Dirty L.A. is featured with Juj, Kutmah, Durlin Lurt and Leaving Records boss MatthewDavid. AEED, ichiro_ and OL from our team make another appearance, as well as EB future wunderkind iL. UK stands tall with Kato, Young Montana? and shooting stars Forest Swords. Most tracks are condensed to the very essence, looped and blurred into each other while S.Maharba lavishly embraces everything from Progressive Rock to reverb-laden Ambient: this is what makes this mix one of the best we had in a long, long while.

You know, i love that dude. S.maharba .Stream or download the mix for error broadcast (download) and get a trip across his likes.


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