Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Audio: Impressed Vol. 3 // V.A. // Album

Tony Higgins has sent me a CDR of Impressed 3 pulled together from his original vinyl and given the go ahead for it to be made available here at Orgy In Rhythm ! Tony has also sent me two collages which he put together to be used for the artwork on the intended release along with a superb set of copius sleeve notes about each featured track and Don Rendell's previously posted intro essay. I have included all of these in the download file and also used one of the collages to head up this post. -orgy in rythm
This is something special. a whole compilation of british bigband jazz which should originally get a "official" release that got canceled by universal. So the people behind that compilation decided to give it all away for free at the orgyinrhythm.blogspot.
So check the link and download this superb music.

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