Thursday, October 7, 2010

Video: Jeff Spec & D-City - Birds //prod. by Jeff Spec // MP3

Jeff Spec & D-City - "Birds"(prod. Jeff Spec) from TheFarLeftTV on Vimeo.

Download: Jeff Spec & D-City - Birds

Essmakesbeats: Jeff hit us up one day and said we should work on a track. So he sent us some beats, we wrote to 'em, set up a session and fast forward a month later, here you have the birth of "Birds" We're working with Jeff, NaRai, E.D.G.E & Jay Kin (& others) on a big project in the very very near future, so stay posted.

Some weeks ago we posted that nice Sneakerboxxx song by Jeff Spec and here we got his latest collaboration with D-City called Birds. Song and Visuals are chocolate and we claim more songs with sympathic MCees dropping lines on good Beats (Here is the right place for it: FS Bandcamp). This is for Jones°


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