Thursday, November 11, 2010

Audio: 1773's "Sound Soulstice" + Instrumentals LP

Produced entirely by Australian producer ARKiV, "Sound Soulstice" is 1773’s third full-length album, AND their 3rd release for 2010! Songstress Natalie Oliveri, and MCs Othello (of Lightheaded) & Ezekiel38 (Vertual Vertigo) all lend their palettes to the album’s sonic portrait…“The earthly solstice deals with day and night, so we wanted to capture the universality of that concept both lyrically and emotionally” states Wisdm O.N.E.Full album downloads include the instrumental version of "Sound Soulstice," hi-res cover art, liner notes, and official video for "The Goodness/So Clear."

Received this new album by 1773's Sound Soulstice and hizzl is really good. Smooth sample-based Rap-beats with some hot features on it with Othello or Ezekiel38, 2 Mcees we introduced to you a while ago. Take a listen and show some love -> cop this real hiphop-ish.


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