Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Audio: The Arbiters - Arrival EP

I´m not a big fan of mash-ups. But these are pretty clever and well done. Download the entire Arrival EP for free. Good for the daily dose of pop.
The Arbiters first hit in 2006 with their debut EP. Now they strike back: “Ain’t No Shooter Shining” marries the warmth of Bill Withers with the charisma of Lil Wayne, laid-back Jamaican-style. “Exciters Go Back To Cali” features a hip-hop travelogue as told by Biggie and Mos Def, laid over a ‘70s Panamanian funk beat. “Hip Hop Is A Free Banquet” merges dramatic ‘60s gangster film score with a frenetic indie electro vibe. “Folks Love Going To The Same Old Go Go” flips the Motown script with a perfectly placed interlude by Peter, Bjorn & John, and Ludacris on the mic. “Virgin Voices” stitches together genre-hopping acapellas with the indie electronica of Phoenix. And “Tired Horses,” based on the bizarre Dylan song, is a strangely hypnotic concoction that found its jazzy backbone via Swedish band Koop.
– jones

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