Monday, November 1, 2010

Audio: MellowHype - Blackenedwhite // Oddfuture // Mixtape


Ok the internet connection here in Ramallah is ok, but to download this mixtape (100mb) it will take a while. So I guess you will just have to take a listen for yourself and download this right here.
From what they tell us it must be a little bit darker compared to their recent tapes. So that sounds promising.

This is what they had to say:

MellowHype ( Left Brain And Hodgy Beats) Finally Releases Their Second Album Entitled BLACKENEDWHITE. Fully Produced By Left Brain, Hodgy Beats Takes On A Darker Note This Time Around. Featuring Appearances By Mike G, Tyler Creator, Domo Genesis, Frank Ocean And The Mysterious Earl Sweatshirt, This Album Is Packed With Gun Sounds, Grams OF Coke And Dead Cops. The Perfect Soundtrack For Mobbing On A Dark Halloween Night.

Tell us what you think.


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