Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Audio: Nezbeat and Joe Good's - The Funk Pt. 2


Two groovers with Nezbeat on the production: "The Funk pt. 2" from Nezbeat and Joe Good's "Good Hair" album features Soul of Mischief´s Tajai and Approachare. "Sky High" will also be on the collaborative Album dropping next month via free download.
check their earlier releases here
– Jones

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  1. Thanks for the good looks, guys. We really appreciate it... We're just sprinkling a few joints out before we release the WHOLE THING FOR FREE... Nezbeat is 1/2 of the group Archetype that made 2007's slept-on Bleed For Them LP and Joe Good was 1/2 of the group SoundsGood with producer Miles Bonny.

    Check out more shit from them at www.dekagonrecords.com, most of the discopgraphy is available in free downloads...

    Dekagon Records