Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Video: Looptroop Rockers - On Repeat

"9/19 what a day of shame for, the most enlightened country or you say so..."

Following the latest election in Sweden (September 19) we wrote, and recorded this song - responding to a racist party being voted in to the Swedish parliament in particular, and to the extreme right wing winds blowing over European and world politics in general. The feelings of frustration and anger had to be channeled some way, and the very day after the election we met in the Wax Cabinet studio to voice our opinion about history repeating itself, and Sweden being an even colder country this fall...

// Looptroop Rockers

Ok, We dont need many words. Looptroop is one of the best Hip Hop Fam*s we have in Europe. Critical, Arcane and always Real, if you wanna call it thou**. Fuck Fascism, Fuck Governments, Fuck the Police and Fuck the Money!


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