Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Audio: BMB aka Space Kid - PARAMIND // Beat Tape

New experimental Beattape from Beat-Maker-Beat aka Space Kid
...Love,piramid,plantacia of sounds...RAW DRAFTs

The Spacekid aka Beat-Maker-Beat has a massive output people, here is the latest installment "Paramind", full of spheric beats, produced with fine-tuning and engaged to get you in a freefall in sounds. Dude is an Audio-didact and it seems like he can drop an album every week. The Weapons: Akai mpc3000/Korg MS2000B,Triton,Moog L.P.,kaossilator1,kaoss-pad1 and more...



  1. Scheiße, ich kann dem Russen nix via Paypal schicken?! :(
    Wie habt Ihr das gemacht? (Oder anders: send! :))

  2. sharebee.com/1c20ae9b