Thursday, December 2, 2010

Audio: Brad Hamers - Post No Dreams // Album // Token Recluse

News by Token Recluse recordings, Brad Hamers released their new album Post no Dreams, an epic, thrilling, dream catching trip in avantgarde hip hop. Never trust in borders or deadlocks when you think about music or about anything. Flat Yoke you can stream above is my personal favourite after the 2nd listening. Stream the full album and read all important informations after the jump.

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Over 3 & 1/2 years in the making, Brad Hamers second official solo effort is finally here!
Post No Dreams is Brad’s most conceptually cohesive and accomplished work yet.
Capturing what wasn’t taken to the zoo before it was freed, this album is a snapshot of the (in-fashion) chains we find ourselves in, a hole one can only dig themselves out of. Most songs were conceived out of an unshaven and wholly keyboard with its heavy heart caught in an amplifier, rotted and humming; and recorded onto a computer from the last ice age with buboes. Layered with shit drums and cassette fuzz, almost all of the album’s 13 tracks evolved out of old keyboard sketches and then grew new body parts and extra clothes from there. It is sooty and astral. It is lo-fi and fizzes. It is for the pensive and the head-sick. For the sleepless and the sleeping. For the myth-less and the mixed-up. The album features some accompanying instrumentation by Big Pauper (the other half of Two Ton Sloth), who also mixed and mastered the album in its entirety. And as with all of Brad’s work, this album is best listened to while alone and reading along with the lyrics
released 30 November 2010
Album written, played, recorded & produced by Brad Hamers
lyrics & vocals by Brad Hamers
mixed & mastered by Big Pauper
features additional instrumentation & vocals by Big Pauper, Jennifer Griffo & Shannon Steele
Token Recluse Recordings 2010
Long Live The New Police

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