Monday, December 6, 2010

Audio: Chuck Tailor - Good.Luck.Chuck.SomeX.Music.Sux // E.P.

a short collection of some raw hip hop shit, i recorded this whole record in one evening, no soundproofing,no engineers, just me, some green and a couple of Heinekens.
i try 2 get as much done when i can
If you like it dope, if not…..
oh well thats hip hop.
I intended this project to be reminiscent of an old demo tape,
you know!? when labels actually had artist development, and would help mold an artist, so i apologize for the sound quality, but id rather you get the point

I actually find it more than suspicious when artists point out all the stuff that could have been done better when making their music. This time it is pretty obvious that this is the whole concept behind the project. Even if it wasn`t ... the flow, beats and rhymes caught my attention straight away.
Thank you for sending this, Mr. Tailor.


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