Sunday, December 12, 2010

Audio: Frenk & Stine - Awaken Frenk&Stine EP 3/3 // BeatTape

Frenk & Stine is back with the release of the third EP of the "Awaken Frenk & Stine" series. We took a slightly more ominous direction with this one, but as always we made sure the beats knocked. These projects have consistently represented a pursuit in being honest with our craft and expression, while exploring new possibilities and getting out of our comfort zone as musicians. This latest EP was recorded over a three week period immediately following the release of EP 2/3.

This is the latest and final Part of the Frenk & Stine Awaken Beat EP Series. Shoutout to Solo & Jimmy who posted the other parts before.
Checkout: Frenk & Stine Promo Video | Bandcamp


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