Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Audio: Ill Poetic - Autumn Addict // feat. Holmskillit // MP3

new Joint by Mr. Ill Poetic, soulful beat with nice vocal parts by Tryna Rashun and Holmskillit. Read more and hit the MP3 Player after the more button.


Autumn has always been my favorite season. Except for the reminder of a bleak-ass winter on the horizon (AKA in like five days), I always dug the stages of Fall. It’s always been a naturally nostalgic season for me.
I’m assuming it’s like that for a lot of people. Not to get super-deep, but lately it feels like a season for remembering what your childhood was like, and the relationship you had with your parents as a kid versus the relationship you have with them now.

This verse is kind of an extension of the last line from the “Gone” song I sent out a few weeks ago. If “Gone” was the decision to get on the bus and bounce, this is what goes through your head on that bus ride. I’m a bus rider at heart, and a lot of my favorite verses come from bus rides. This is one of them.

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from Ill Poetic "Loosies", released 28 November 2010
Produced by Ill Poetic.
Additional Drum Programming by Kried.
Additional Keys by Dean Hummons Sr.
Bassline by Donnie Mossman
Additional Vocals by Tryna Rashun and Holmskillit
Mixed by Ill Poetic
Mastered by Storm 9000

Ill Poetic @ Bandcamp

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