Thursday, December 9, 2010

Audio: Jaisu - Prelude To The MPC // EP

This is a free EP, consisting of several instrumentals from previously released songs produced by Jaisu, and two recently released songs.
Please feel free to share, blog and tweet about this EP - we are thankful for your support.
Jaisu's 'Straight Out The MPC' project will be released, here on, on December 14th 2010. If you are new to his music please visit to hear more in the meantime and follow for further information.

I know some Dudes waiting for the first Audio Beat Tape release of Jaisu, like our homie Ekrem (77e). This is the prelude for the Album "Straight Out The MPC" dropping 14.dec. Download the EP via Bandcamp and make sure to cop the official release in 5 days..



  1. Ich warte auch schon laaaaange, ALter!
    Beste Nachricht des Tages! :)

  2. ahh ja,da war ja was....ich weiss das du auch hungrig darauf bist...hoffe das beattape geht richtig nach vorne...gruss