Friday, December 10, 2010

Audio: Jon Phonics - Run For Cover / A.M. // Mp3s

But just before Chakra Sounds brings you a limited edition, 250 screen printed, hand numbered 7inch at the end of January early February.
You get a freebie from Mr Phonics
Everyone loves a freebie and Jon loves everyone (well nearly) so it equals 2 mp3’s of stank funk and a video just for you to download.
This is another limb from the Jon Phonics frankenstien body of sound following on from crafting some of the best soundscapes for hip-hop emcees in UK and US.

Uh whee! This is indeed funky. Dance the snow away... ladies? Say whuut?
Jon Phonics was featured on our last Beat Tape and will hopefully (Inshallah) be on Vol.2 aswell. Right, Jon?


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