Sunday, December 12, 2010

Audio: Stik Figa - From The Top (Prod. By Oddisee) // EP

I don`t know why we missed this when this came out ten days ago... uh, I know we were busy as hell, but the good guys over at PHIMB always keep a hiphop nerd updated.
These 5 songs come in form of a 20 track EP. Yeah that`s right, they provide you with the dirty and clean versions, accapellas and instrumentals... for free. So get busy and remix or rap to this.
Next thing you know they have pdf files with the lyrics so you can rhyme along and the cover comes in form of colouring booklet to keep your kids busy while you rap along listening to the clean version (of course).
By the way this is as dope as you thought it would be.


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