Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Info: BeatCase Vol. 3 - Rapohnelizenz & Shalom Salon (feat. 10 from Korea) // Live Stream // 03.12.2010


GMT +1
BeatCASE Vol. 3
hosted by
RapOhneLizenz & Shalom Salon

This time we are bringing you '1000 FINGERS OF HAPPINESS' with special studio guests from all over the hypnotized world. For your inspiration and salvation.

10 (Itta&Marqido, Korea/Japan)
Itta and Marqido are two previously solo experimental musicians who paired up in 2005 to create 10. Independently successful, together, they burst through art festivals throughout much of Asia and parts of Europe, gaining recognition as one of the most active and creative bands on the Asian indie scene. Weimar is their final station of this year's Europe tour, just days before they are heading back to the again agitated South Korean peninsula. We are happy to have them here.

Antonino Secchia (Italy)
Antonino Secchia from Italy plays percussions and live electronics and lives in Weimar (Germany) at the moment. He is concentrated in electro-acoustic composition/improvisation and sonic installations with vibraphone, small percussion instruments, objects laptop and NIMB (no input mixing board, a feedback network basically created just with a 12x6 mixer completely in feedback).
Previously he collaborated with AMP2 ensemble, Tim Hodgkinson, Pateras/Baxter/Brown, Domenico Sciajno, Andrea Valle, Matteo Pittino, Peter Kutin, Illáchime quartet, Gandolfo Pagano, Ruben D'hers, and countless jams with the creme de la creme of jazz, kpop, and dixieland.

Rapohnelizenz & Shalom Salon regularsz
Jones, Anatol Atonal, Atarikid

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If you want to join as a studio guest please make sure to contact us in advance. We are having limited seats and absolutely no bar!


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