Monday, January 31, 2011

Audio: Kev Brown - Instrumentals Vol. 1 // Beat Tape

*For The First Time* A collection of OFFICIALLY released(YOU SEE THE STICKER!!!) Kev Brown instrumentals. Perfect for DeeJays, the Rappity Rap open mic freestyle dudes(ets) and just plain listeners who enjoy fine music everywhere.

Nuff said. Kev Brown on the beats. Still can`t get over this great little beat making video from 5 years ago.


Audio: James Pants - Alone // MP3

James Pants - Alone by stonesthrow

Download: James Pants - Alone // MP3

New preview of James Pants new album "James Pants - James Pants". Alone is a wonderful track with tastes of psychedelic funk, lsd music with a boogie drive. Album drops in april. via Stonesthrow

Audio: Clan Destined - Self Titled // Album

First time i heard of Clan Destined was on the "Kumite" song with "Methuzulah" and while im grabbing across a bunch of dope songs off "Self Titled" i found some features, they're also familiar to me like Pudge, or Senor Kaos. Self Titled is a audibly album you can play without any lapses, You'll find relaxed pieces and party tracks on various beat styles. All things considered "Self Titled" is a fresh and advisable piece of Hip Hop. Complete Album Stream, Purchase and Download via Bandcamp.


Sunday, January 30, 2011

R.O.L. Weekly VideoTapes # 1

This is our new VideoTapeDeck where we will feature all the dope Music Videos that appeared over the whole week.

Videos after the jump.

Audio: Actual Proof - The Talented Tenth // Full Album

Sundown and Enigma, together known as Actual Proof, are proud to present The Talented Tenth.
The project is comprised of two sides - The Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Experience and The Malcolm X Experience - that will both take listeners on a peaceful journey and give them a sense of urgency.

It seems that the 9thWonder HP is a goldmine for good music! Neverheard of Actual Proof before, but this free Album is dope!

Download here


Audio: Sean Boog - Light Bears ahead of you // Free Album

I know we are a little late on this one, but whatever. 22 Free Tracks with features of Rapsody, Big Remo, HaLo and many more. Beats are build by his Away Team affiliate Khrysis, 9th Wonder, E Jones, AMP and Ka$h.

Download here.


Video: Bambu - Menacing Looks (with Krondon)

Los Angeles' own, Bambu and Krondon (Strong Arm Steady) throw down over this Paper Son beat! "Menacing Looks," is one of the bonus songs added to the re-release of ...exact change...
On April 29, 2011, Beatrock Music will re-release the remastered version of ...exact change... with 8 bonus songs on a second CD. They will only release a limited quanitity, so make sure you get it when it drops!
Shot by C-Knowledge and Bambu

I am really not the biggest fan of Bambu`s flow, but everything else is fuckin crazy. Krondon at his best. This Paper Son beat is off the chain.
Fuck the police.


Video: Morlockk Dilemma ft. Hiob, RuffKid, JAW - Portwein

Das erste visuelle Vergnügen zu Morlockks neuem Soloalbum "Circus Maximus". Bombe !!


Audio: ELLEMENTT - Project Blue Beam // Mixtape

This mixtape is a month old now, but just found the way to our inbox. New York Rapper Ellementt presents his latest Mixtape "Project Blue Beam". It features beats by J. Dilla, 9th Wonder, Reckonize Real as well as self produced stuff.
Unfortunately the End gets a little weak, but the first 5 tracks are dope !!


Video: M-TRI & DJ Leecy T - Suicidal Hype Shit

The duo of M-Tri and DJ Leecy T is reminiscent of the pairing that Guru and DJ Premier formed with Gangstarr, as an Emcee and DJ embodies the very essence of Hip Hop music. Suicidal Hype Shit is the quintessential anthem for the New York underground Hip Hop movement as it represents the grit, mettle and tenacity of a fresh corps of creatives who march on to the beat of a kick and a snare.

Big Up for female DJs !


Audio: Jakk Frost ft. Sutter Kain & Donnie Darko - Panic Disorder // Digital 12"

The Email said, that Bloggers need to post this and somehow the mail was tagged with my name by Solo (?!). Well, whoever tagged it with my name, was pretty right, suggesting i might like this, so, i share this with u people because it needs to be listened. Raw grimey rap without fancy ish. Plain and simple.



Audio: The Brainstormers - Brainstormers EP // Free EP

The Brainstormers is a collective of the Rappers Praverb, AL Laureate, Cayoz da Beast, O*zee and DJ Grazzhoppa.
Their first sign of life is this EP with high carat features like Crooked I , Wu Tang affiliate Hell Razah, Duck Down Member Skyzoo and ManChild of Mars Ill.
Really dope Boom Bap Beats with solid raps and flows. A must download.


Audio: Halo - 2 Ways // prod. by AMP

Here's another Track of HaLos upcoming Free EP "Heatwriter II" dropping Feb 1st. This track is a beast and i hope the EP will be too. A potential upcomer for 2011.


Friday, January 28, 2011

Audio: Schoolboy Q - Setbacks // Full Album

The first time i heard of Schoolboy Q was some weeks ago as i saw the feature video with Jay Rock called "Whats the word".

Somehow Schoolboy Q decided to give his latest Album "Setbacks" out for free, after it dropped via itunes 2 weeks ago. Is it because of the lack of interest?! Missing sales?!
Whatever, it is some great music for free, but if u like what u hear, u might consider buying it at itunes anyway.


Via 2dbz

Audio: Copywrite - Crooked Cop RMX // prod. by Surock

This is a pretty dope RMX to one my favourite Tracks of the Peter Nelson Album. BTW what a fresh part of Crooked I ;)


Audio: Fokis - A Walk through MySpace Vol.2 // Free Album

AWTMV2 is a compilation style album that features various artist and producers that Fokis met on myspace and collaborated with.

Fokis is a very talented Producer, that has already crossed our blog. Check his newest compilation.


Thursday, January 27, 2011

Audio: Wildcookie - Heroine // EP

Hip-hop took everything from soul. They got the pain from Syl Johnson, the melodies from The Delfonics and The Stylistics, the drums from Melvin Bliss (or rather Bernard Purdie), and the gangster shit from Curtis Mayfield. So it’s about time hip-hop gave something back besides royalties (“I’m sitting in the house now that was built with the Wu-Tang money,” -Syl Johnson).

Wildcookie sentimentalizes the same substances as Pusha T, but instead of summoning fiends with virulent couplets, Anthony Mills recalls his favorite heroin(e)-addicted jazz players with a 1974 falsetto. He’s singing about what the best rappers rap about: drugs. Take into account the incredibly funky beats and you’ve got a soul project that hip-hop heads will be able to appreciate without removing their mean mugs.

A Wildcookie/Ghostface collaboration is at the top of my wish list. The album, Cookie Dough, drops February 21. Here are some select cuts.

By the way of the ML. Süper fresh.


Audio: Gangrene - Demons Featuring Evidence And Fashawn (Remix) Prod. By DJ Romes // Mp3

Hell of a Remix by Lootpack`s own DJ Romes. Gangrene assisted by EV and Fashawn. I believe they are coming to Berlin? See you there.


Audio: Halo -The Real Featuring Sean Boog // Mp3

Nice little track by Halo and Sean Boog. Great combo these two. Check it out.


Audio: Skeem Price - The Hazard Mixtape // DJ Buddy + 5 Animals Play + Chuck Dizzle

Download:  Skeem Price - The Hazard Mixtape

This is a compilation of various tracks from Pomona CA rapper, Skeem Price. This mixtape was compiled by DJ Buddy and hosted by Chuck Dizzle of the indie Hip-Hop station, HomeGrown Radio. Features include MCs Richard Wright and Mr. Sobers as well as a few others. The Hazard Mixtape also includes original tracks produced by S. California beatsmiths Bombay, J. Bizness, G-Rocka, and The A3.

J.Bizness, of the illregularinstrumentals family peeped this Skeem Price Mixtape to me, containing several tracks he released on various projects in the past. First time i digged Skeem Price on the "FWMJ's Rappers I Know presents J. Bizness 3P Series [Vol. 2] feat. Skeem Price" EP especially the "On the Regular" song also prod. by J.Bizness was (is) fuKK*N dope. So im glad about this comp* filled with fresh Rapmusic and features kool artists you may know off our Blog.


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Video: Teaser: Stones Throw Documentary for National TV France

Peanut Butter Wolf opens the doors of Stones Throw label. Meeting with James Reitano, Dave Cooley, Om'Mas Keith from Sa-Ra, Frosty from Dublab. Also featuring Peanut Butter Wolf, Dam Funk and Mayer Hawthorne. By Sébastien Bauer & Lucas Blaya.


Video: Reks - 25th Hour // Prod. By DJ Premier

Video of the 25th Hour single produced by Dj Premier off the upcoming "REKS 'R.E.K.S" album dropping stores in march. Album will be dope.!


Video: Da Circle - Napalm Feat. Immortal Technique

Noisemaker Media, Viper Records and Da Circle Present "Napalm". Goodtime Slim and Fatz D'Assassin are more than just another brand of revolution rap. They are the revolution. On Napalm, Immortal Technique joins Da Circle to plot a coupe de tat on the industry and set the world stage ablaze with their fiery rhetoric and revolutionary chants.


Audio: Melanin 9 - Orion's Stencil // Album DL // Hypedog

When Brothers Die (produced by Chemo):

Black Box (Feat. Cyrus Malachi & Blasphemy cuts by Evil Ed):

Download: Melanin 9 - Orion's Stencil // Album DL // Hypedog

Homies off the Hypegod blog sent me Orion's Stencil some days before the official release and im sorry that i missed to post it until today. The reason is that me and my friends played this album in rotation and this was more important to us (Haha). Much respect to Melanin 9 and Hypedog for this dope album with all that fresh features on it, dope verses by Cyrus Malachi, Blasphemy and Triple Darkness and all that dope producers serving this banging Hip Hop earthed beats like, Chemo, Jon Phonics, Anatomy, Munoz and Beat Butcha. Real Uk Hip Hop straight from the underground.


Audio: Rouh - Temporary Soul // Beat E.P.

Aftrer his "A Beat Meditation On Soul vol. 1 - The Skill Album" release some months ago, Rouh presents his new Beat E.P. "Temporary Soul" with more Relaxed and soulful beats.This nice piece is presented by "Savingsoulblog".


Audio: NickelusF x Ohbliv - Yellow Gold // Free Mixtape

Richmonds Nickelus F dropped a new FREE ! Mixtape called "Yellow Gold" today. Entirely produced by Ohbliv except "One in a Million" which is produced by Madlib and also features Aloe Blacc! I didnt had the Chance to listen to it, but his previous Mixtapes were dope, so this is a no brainer.


Video: Copywrite - Confessional

These are the latest Visuals of Copywrite newest masterpiece "Life and Times of Peter Nelson". Cop this Album if u havent already !!


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Audio: Jak Progresso – Apartment Smoke // Mp3

Solo said this reminds him of the "Tried By 12" single. Yeah dat.
Never heard of this cat, but that`s why I like GrandGood they always digg deep.
A thai-sample and couple of blunts and there you have it. Sweet.


Audio: The Stuyvesants - Brooklyn's Finest // Beat Tape

The Stuyvesants — Brooklyn’s FInest by Algorythm

“The Stuyvesants” is a collaborative effort between music producer Allan Cole (Algorythm), and record collector Darien Victor Birks (Flwrpt). Both reside in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, NY. The two wanted to work together on a project where they could incorporate several of their talents, related to music and design. They wanted to do this under a moniker that would pay homage to the ’70s. The collaboration allowed them to do four major things, design, beat dig, produce amazing music, and simply have fun.

Pretty nice Beat Tape right before sleep, so no more words. Good Nite!


Monday, January 24, 2011

Audio: Ill Bill & Vinnie Paz - Keeper of the Seven Keys

Ill.Bill.&.Vinnie.Paz-Keepers.Of.The.Seven.Keys by yackfou

Ill Bill and Vinnie Paz had come together to release a probably great album. "Heavy Metal Kings" will hit the US.Market at April 5th and will feature Reef The Lost Cauze, Sabac Red, Q-Unique,Crypt the Warchild (of OuterSpace) and Slaine. Beats will be produced by Shuko, Sicknature,C-Lance, Grand Finale, Jack of All Trades, Junior Makhno, Vherbal & Gem Grates.
This is the first Leak produced by C-Lance. It is what it always have been. Raw Guerilla Rap with grimey beats. ;)


Audio: T. Calmese - Thinkin Of You (Prod. By Dibiase)// Mp3

I feel like this has Dilla written all over it, but in a good way. Very dope vibe.


Sunday, January 23, 2011

Audio: Morlockk Dilemma - Die Ankunft // Stream

Sehr frischer Wind. Wie ein ICE mit 300sachen Durchfahrt nachdem man sich den Schnee ausm Schlüpper pulen muss. Der Beat ist ein kleines Wunder. Wie gesagt sehr frisch.
Dank an V. Raeter ihm sein Facebook.


Audio: Talib Kweli - Gutter Rainbows // Full Album Stream

Talib Himself offers a Full Album Stream of his new an 5th Solo Studio Album at his myspace page. It hits the Stores / iTunes in two days. Buy it, if u like it.


Saturday, January 22, 2011

Audio: PaceWon And Mr. Green – Can You Hear Me (A Tribute to the People of Tunisia)

Beautiful beat. Wow. Perfect background for the message that Pace wants to get across.
I know the homie Foxn is really into these two, so this is for you homie.
Via NR.


Friday, January 21, 2011

Audio: Hieroglyphics – Reputation // Mp3

I wasn`t too impressed with the recent stuff these cats put out either, but again this shit is rockin.
To the biggest Hiero fan I know: Hau.


Audio: Talib Kweli - Palookas Featuring Sean Price (Prod. By Marco Polo) // Mp3

Nice tuff beat by Marco Polo and I guess Sean Price tops it off at the end. To be honest I wasn`t too impressed by Talib Kweli since "Get By", but this is good stuff.
Rock on.
Via DGI.


Video: Nas About Relationship With TDK Cassette Tapes

Ah the good old days. Very nice interview with NAS about cassettes. I thought this fits in well with Jones` last post.


Thursday, January 20, 2011

Rapohnelizenz & Dj Geraet pres. the "Beasts of the Leaks" Mixtape Nr. 2 "Cutcannibalz"

creature: Ignacio Mendez artwork: Jonas Schulte

Rapohnelizenz "Beasts of the Leaks" Mixtape Vol.2 mixed by Dj Geraet (Cutcannibalz) // V.A. by the-Rapohnelizenz

Download: Rapohnelizenz - Beasts of the Leaks" Mixtape Nr. 2

Hi to all music lovers in the field. Today our new mixtape "Beasts of the Leaks Vol.2" is dropping. Energetically mixed by Dj Geraet, part of Cutcannibalz - the dopest Dj-Crew the world has ever seen. Host of this splendid piece of audio-history: KAINE KARRERA (make absolutelly sure you listen to his enormously magnificent E.P "Me Myself & Music" produced by Lee Bannon).

Like i told you before, this Mixtape-series contains FREE LEAKS ONLY by artists recently crossed our auditory canal.

We hope you'll enjoy the mix.Worship and adoration to everybody supported us making this happen:
Geraet, Kaine Karrera, Jonas S, Ignacio M & dasSchmott
plus especially all artists serving tons of amazingly dope Hip Hop music.


Your Rapohnelizenz Family!

proudly supported by Shalom Salon

Audio: Oh No – Sound Off feat. Termanology & Ea$y Money // MP3

First insight on OH No's new album OHNOMITE. Shit is dope. this Hook is fresh!tight!candy!hippelthehoppp°


Audio: Jaylib - Louder (Blast Your Radio Theme) // MP3

Jaylib - Louder (Blast Your Radio Theme) by stonesthrow

Download: Jaylib - Louder MP3

From the Madlib Medicine Show #11: Low Budget High Fi Music here is a track from Madlib & J Dilla from their never-realized second album. Jaylib was formed in 2002 as Madlib & Dilla recorded separately in Los Angeles and Detroit. Their one album, Champion Sound, was released in 2003.  When J Dilla moved to Los Angeles, he, Madlib and J Rocc began doing shows together as Jaylib, performing together for the first time at the Madvillain record release party in April 2004. Madlib and Dilla collaborated primarily through the exchange of beat tapes, occasionally reworking each others material, or chopping the same beat in a kind of recorded call-and-response. 

....we love it that way...


Audio: NOMO & SHAWN LEE - UPSIDE DOWN 7'' // Ubiquity Records

NOMO and Shawn Lee - Upside Down by Ubiquity Records

UPSIDE DOWN is a Fantastic song by NOMO & SHAWN LEE, available on 7", released by Ubiquity Records. Track is mellow, tender and full of charm. We need more of Elliot Bergman, Shawn Lee and Natalie. Thanks Ubiquity for peeping me that. More infos after the jump.


Audio: Awesome Tapes from Africa - Aster Aweke

Since my trip to Ethiopia two years ago I fall in love with the music of the eastafrican region. Maybe because of the Broken Flowers ost or the collaboration of the Hellocentrics with Mulatu Astatke people came to recognise more and more the mystic beauty of that sound. House remixes of mulatu´s hits were released, Nas & Damian sampled Yegeelle Tezeta, OHNO made a whole album going through some ethiopian crates..
Today I wanna show you a favorite blog of mine which is an endless source for african music: awesometapesfromafrica
Brian Shimkovitz from Brooklyn who runs the blog seems to own tons of cassettes from the motherland and he is digitalizing them for our pleasure. You can find all sorts of music there - from cheap, trashy electro reggae to deep funk.
"This is music you won't easily find anywhere else—except, perhaps in its region of origin."
The one I picked out is a very mellow one. As someone mentioned in the comments it´s Asters first recording. Incredible hypnotizing.. Download from awesometapesfromafrica and make shure to check out some of the other posts. But be careful to not get lost in these crates..


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Audio: Freddie Joachim - Saturn

New smooth and jazzy tune by mr. Freddie Joachim. Dude is talented in producing songs, they can reset your mood. lovely piece.


Audio: Grup Ses Beats - Ersengalaktik // RMX (Beastie Boys Intergalactic)

Ersengalaktik by grupsesbeats

Since the time i heard about Grup Ses Beats i got really addcited. This music makes me high, the oriental influence is deeply embedded to my live because of my experience in my childhood at the middle east. Ersengalaktik is a Remix (2005) of the Beastie Boys classic "Intergalactic" and a beat drill for your speakers. iYi

Audio: Emay - Mind Altering Dynamics

Hey, it's Emay here once more and I'm extremely excited to finally release this project entitled Mind Altering Dynamics. This was actually originally supposed to be an EP, but than I ended up adding a couple additional tracks that I felt completed the project and it ended up being a small LP. I greatly appreciate all the support I've been receiving and I hope 2011 is a great year for everyone. I'm still planning to release my album based on sampling Slowdive and also some more Seeing Suge material with Star Slinger and Blackbird Blackbird for this year.

A while ago i introduced Emay with 2 singles "Douche Lincolns + Starboy", you can digg here. Today i received his new album "Mind Altering Dynamics", which is full of raw and banging beats with Emay on the mic serving metaphorical language. Complete project, produced,written,spitted and arranged by Emay himself. Dope Mubar*Ams. (More Emay music here) Album Stream and free Download after the jump.


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Video: Talib Kweli - I'm on One // prod. by Khrysis

Here are the latest visuals of Talibs Lead Single of his new Album "Gutter Rainbows" coming out Jan 25th. Khyris produced a nice raw synthizised Beat and Talib spitting heat. Im curious bout the album.


Audio: DC the Midi Alien ft. Vinnie Paz, Slaine, Sabac Red & Trademarc - Man Made Ways // MP3

The group East Coast Avengers was created in 2008 by MCs Esoteric, trademarc and DJ/producer DC The MIDI Alien. Having dealt with almost 8 politically corrupt years of the Bush regime, the three banded together and the result was the controversial yet socially aware ‘Prison Planet’ album full of gritty production and razor sharp lyricism. The lead single and video, “Kill Bill O’Reilly” sparked a national outrage, getting the group’s visuals banned from myspace and youtube and even gaining them notoriety on Keith Olberman’s “Countdown” on MSNBC.

East Coast Avengers own DC the Midi Alien presents his Producer Album (?!?) "Avengers Airwaves" hitting stores in Feb. 15th. "Man made Ways" featuring Vinnie PAZ, Slaine, Sabac Red and Trademarc is the lead Single.

We'll keep u updated.


Video: Richard Wright - Marry Mary Jane // Illregular Instrumentals

Illregular Instrumentals, the independent music label founded by hip-hop producer Jabari “J. Bizness” Moore releases its first official single, “Marry Mary Jane” by Richard Wright in accompaniment of the music video from a forthcoming compilation album. // Los Angeles, CA, January 17, 2011 – Illregular instrumentals released first single “Marry, Mary Jane” performed and written by emerging Los Angeles emcee Richard Wright, from an as of yet untitled forthcoming compilation album. The track, produced by Bombay, was accompanied by a music video directed by Alex Ghassan for A Nu Day Media Productions. In addition to the single and music video, the label is also promoting bonus material from both artists.

Video release of Richard Wright's "Marry Mary Jane" off homie J.Biness's label Illregular Instrumentals.
Get it for free, only pay with a tweet. frrr


Monday, January 17, 2011

Video: Proh Mic – Life Featuring Mc ADaD

We posted this tune back in october and now we get a nice little video to this. So if you digg what you are hearing, download the song here.


Audio: Planet Asia - Boiler Makers (Prod. By Madlib) // Mp3

Some smooth Madlib and Planet Asia? Why not.
Crack Belt Theatre is out since Dec 28th. Get it.


Sunday, January 16, 2011

Audio: Georgia Anne Muldrow - Pad Kontrol // VWETO

Georgia Anne Muldrow's latest GiveAway "Pad Kontrol" off her VWETO album. VWETO is a special and deep instrumental album, nothing out the conserve. It is spiritual.
fonk fonk fonk.

Get Pad Kontrol & fOnkRocker for free via Bandcamp and stream the complete album after the jump.


Audio: U-N-I - Donkey Kong (Prod. By Dibia$e) // Mp3

New good morning song for my man solo by da real Dibia$e.
Get your gaming on it`s sunday.


Saturday, January 15, 2011

Audio: Danny Brown - Radio Head prod. Samiyam // MP3

Download: Danny Brown - Radio Head prod. Samiyam // MP3

One my fav* Mcee*s "Danny Brown" meets up with one of my fav* producers "Samiyam" in the field. Radio Head is dope, im sure not any MC could spitting so fresh over an Samiyam beat. Fire. (via)


Audio: Bugseed - Tokyo Midnight Lunch mixed for Ritmo Sportivo

Find yourself this midnight with Ritmo Sportivo in the endless stone jungles of Tokyo. Your provider will be one of the most talented young japanese hip-hop producers Bugseed (Myspace). He will show for you something really exclusive. Jazzy atmosphere with old-school beat technics and exotic voices of underground japanese homies. Next 30 minutes your heart will find its own way to beat. Way to the East.

Homie Bugseed did a perfect mix for Ritmo Sportivo, representing the Japanese Underground scene. Nice and laid-back selection. Bugseed knows his craft.


Video: Copywrite - Mega Mega feat. Camu Tao, Tage, Jakki & RJD2

Man Bites Dog Records is proud to present the latest video, "Mega Mega," from Copywrite's "The Life and Times of Peter Nelson" LP. This song is produced by Surock and it features MHz, Copywrite, Camu Tao, Tage, Jakki with cuts by RJD2.


Friday, January 14, 2011

Audio: Grup Ses Beats - Atom + Bir Dost Bir Arkadas + Mimar + Puf de 2010 // Turkey

Good Guy Kerim Kabus peeped this via twitter some days ago. Group Ses Beats, a prodcuer team from Turkey serves damn fresh beats, you will recognize the cultural roots at the drums or the samples, also you will find some freaky audio layers with electro spirit. However, really dope beats. Saygılarımla! (Album will be available on Vynil)! ISTANKOOL!

Atom by grupsesbeats
Bir Dost Bir Arkadas (Atom pt2) by grupsesbeats
Mimar by grupsesbeats
Puf De 2011 by grupsesbeats


Audio: Actual Proof – Desegregation feat. Thee Tom Hardy + Sean Boog // prod. Khrysis

Download: Actual Proof – Desegregation MP3

Latest Leak of Actual Proof's The Talented Tenth, which will be released next saturday. I like the preview tracks, for example the "March" song also produced by the Khrysis. stay tuned.


Audio: Blacastan – Kingpin (Prod. by ColomBeyond) // Mp3

Killa track by Blacastan.
"...nickname: solo!"
What up my man?


Thursday, January 13, 2011

Audio: The Left - Gas Leaks Ep // Mello Music Group

The Left dropped one of the best or maybe the best album in 2010, "The Gas Mask". Mello Music Group has some more dope songs that dont appear on the new projects. You can digg, stream & purchase this 3 tracks on Bandcamp.


Introducing: Rapohnelizenz "i Love Beats" Soundcloud Group // First Entries

Group for all kind of Beat Tinkerer*s. BoomBap, Nintendo, SynthieBombs, Sample-Clash, Hardware, Software doesnt matter -> above all the Love of Beat.Music. Contribute, Listen or just Have Fun. or Not! Spidey knows Better!

visit: Rapohnelizenz " I Love Beats " Group

Here we got the Entries. Enjoy:...continue reading / listening...