Thursday, January 20, 2011

Audio: Awesome Tapes from Africa - Aster Aweke

Since my trip to Ethiopia two years ago I fall in love with the music of the eastafrican region. Maybe because of the Broken Flowers ost or the collaboration of the Hellocentrics with Mulatu Astatke people came to recognise more and more the mystic beauty of that sound. House remixes of mulatu´s hits were released, Nas & Damian sampled Yegeelle Tezeta, OHNO made a whole album going through some ethiopian crates..
Today I wanna show you a favorite blog of mine which is an endless source for african music: awesometapesfromafrica
Brian Shimkovitz from Brooklyn who runs the blog seems to own tons of cassettes from the motherland and he is digitalizing them for our pleasure. You can find all sorts of music there - from cheap, trashy electro reggae to deep funk.
"This is music you won't easily find anywhere else—except, perhaps in its region of origin."
The one I picked out is a very mellow one. As someone mentioned in the comments it´s Asters first recording. Incredible hypnotizing.. Download from awesometapesfromafrica and make shure to check out some of the other posts. But be careful to not get lost in these crates..


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