Friday, January 14, 2011

Audio: Grup Ses Beats - Atom + Bir Dost Bir Arkadas + Mimar + Puf de 2010 // Turkey

Good Guy Kerim Kabus peeped this via twitter some days ago. Group Ses Beats, a prodcuer team from Turkey serves damn fresh beats, you will recognize the cultural roots at the drums or the samples, also you will find some freaky audio layers with electro spirit. However, really dope beats. Saygılarımla! (Album will be available on Vynil)! ISTANKOOL!

Atom by grupsesbeats
Bir Dost Bir Arkadas (Atom pt2) by grupsesbeats
Mimar by grupsesbeats
Puf De 2011 by grupsesbeats


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