Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Audio: Melanin 9 - Orion's Stencil // Album DL // Hypedog

When Brothers Die (produced by Chemo):

Black Box (Feat. Cyrus Malachi & Blasphemy cuts by Evil Ed):

Download: Melanin 9 - Orion's Stencil // Album DL // Hypedog

Homies off the Hypegod blog sent me Orion's Stencil some days before the official release and im sorry that i missed to post it until today. The reason is that me and my friends played this album in rotation and this was more important to us (Haha). Much respect to Melanin 9 and Hypedog for this dope album with all that fresh features on it, dope verses by Cyrus Malachi, Blasphemy and Triple Darkness and all that dope producers serving this banging Hip Hop earthed beats like, Chemo, Jon Phonics, Anatomy, Munoz and Beat Butcha. Real Uk Hip Hop straight from the underground.


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