Monday, January 10, 2011

Audio: Shlomo - Beat CD '09 // Unreleased Tracks

here's the digital download version of a handmade stack of 20 CDRs i made at the end of '09 (before i added the extra h in my name, so all the cd's say shlomo). definitely not reflective of the newer stuff i've been making, but i figured since folks still dig it, i'd let yall grab it up anyway. hope this will tide you guys over while i finish recording my debut LP. enjoy :))

Shlomo the Beatcat is one of the radiant producers on the Beat-Heaven. His latest release "Beat CD '09" represents his output off 2009 and is filled with the art of beat science. Stream the complete EP after the jump and enjoy this nice Beat Bricolage. (Via)


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