Thursday, January 13, 2011

Introducing: Rapohnelizenz "i Love Beats" Soundcloud Group // First Entries

Group for all kind of Beat Tinkerer*s. BoomBap, Nintendo, SynthieBombs, Sample-Clash, Hardware, Software doesnt matter -> above all the Love of Beat.Music. Contribute, Listen or just Have Fun. or Not! Spidey knows Better!

visit: Rapohnelizenz " I Love Beats " Group

Here we got the Entries. Enjoy:...continue reading / listening...

springtime by Kurt Diggler
The Dream Invader Boom by King Boom
Bibio - All The Flowers (Zaku-Chan Remix) by Zaku-Chan
Good Try by Krikit Boi Beats
Torky Tork - Black Album - 15 Der Joint danach - (2007) by Torky Tork
If not me by tom collins


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