Friday, February 18, 2011

Audio: Son Of A Bricklayer - The Day The Sky Fell In

New 7" by the friends of Content Label. Son Of A Bricklayer (Copenhagen) with  "The Day The Sky Fell In" , a wonderful piece of instrumental music. Epic, drifting and expressive. You should also check the Content Label Sampler 2 Mixtape i posted some weeks ago (also the "The Day The Sky Fell In" inside). YO

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We continue our 7-inch / Digital collection with a fascinating project from Copenhagen-based producer Son of a Bricklayer. Entitled “The Day The Sky Fell In”, this project is a multi-movement epic dealing with Dystopia. Narration is provided by acetate hiss ,hardware artifacts, and hardcore percussion.

The collapsing of the sky is signaled by the rolling snares heard on “Oscillations”. This hard-hitting tune featuring additional production from San Diego-based Tenshun (Skrapez). With “Delia's Suite”, Bricklayer ( plus Epigon A.D.M) prove that even after broken umbrellas, shattered glass, and empty streets there is still hope. 

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