Sunday, February 6, 2011

Audio: Soulection // Beat Compilation

Soulection // Teaser by SOULECTION

A place where innovating music, art, life-style and intriguing perspectives coincide. What started off as an idea, rapidly turned into a reality. We put together a selection of music that we felt would be a great introduction to show you how music should sound like. 29 talented artists from all over the world felt our vision and we’re willing to create and contribute their sounds. It doesn’t matter what your preference of music is, the music within this project is universal and timeless. This release is for you and it will be part of the launch of our new site

Very nice spaced out compilation featuring a nice selection of our favorite beat makers like Xperiment, Dibiase, BMB, Feux,...
Zone out on this one. Check the snippet above and download here.


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