Thursday, February 10, 2011

Video: Edison - Artemis vs. the City // People Are Bad Animals

edison - artemis vs. the city from edison on Vimeo.

The latest....from my new album "people are bad animals"...all one shot sounds...
no loops take live to camera..

Artemis vs. the City is the video single of Edison's new album "People Are Bad Animals", btw thanks to the kidwithoutradio people for sending the album to the inbox. People Are Bad Animals is a high quality instrumental album which captures your attention from to the last second (maybe, if you are Beat-addicted like we are). It is a trip across several levels of producing and the capabilities how a beat can sound. Glitch with wings floats over banging drums surrounded by swarm of (audio) details. Great Project, Great Album. More Infos at the kidwithoutradio base or visit Edison's profile.

more previews via Bandcamp


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