Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Audio: Drink Tickets Remixed - Duzz Down San

Drink Tickets madness is on again! Nine months after the the original release by Mono:massive x Vertual Vertigo, we bring em back with a lil twist on it. For this we asked a few artist like Suff Daddy, Tobrock, Kalifornia Kurt, Fella Vaughn, Illiaz, Minor Sick, Flip, Croup, Japandrew, Zweipunktnull, 4di, tom2k… to test their “mixing” skills. Get your drink on!  
Complete Stream, Download & Tracklist after the jump.


 Download:  Drink Tickets Remixed - Duzz Down San

1. Drunk Girls (Kalifornia Kurt Serious Lemonade Remix) 04:48
2. Drunk Girlz (Feux Remix) 04:34
3. Can i drink it (Suff Daddy Remix) 03:38
4. Can i drink it (Illiaz Remix) 02:29
5. Can i drink it (Fella Vaughn Remix) 02:32
6. 14 Bottles (Flip Remix) 03:15
7. 14 Bottles (Croup Remix) 02:43
8. Corncobs (Minor Sick Remix) 02:16
9. Corncobs (Tobrock Remix) 03:14
10. Corncobs (Japandrew Remix) 03:03
11. Corncobs (Zweipunktnull Remix) 03:04
12. Corncobs (4di Remix) 02:31
13. Corncobs (tom2k Remix) 02:04

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