Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Audio: Illregular Music Collectiv - Illregular Instrumentals LP

I've been waiting for this Illregular Music Collective album, now it's here and im really satisfied. You will know the most artists if you regularly visit this spot. Check the complete stream and all informations after the "More" button.


Greetings Friends,
The time has finally arrived; our first official LP is now available for your listening pleasure. This is a special early online release of the album at a promotional price for fans and supporters before the commercial release on June 21. Illregular Music Collective is a self-titled compilation of tracks that exhibits the distinguishing styles and extremely visionary talent of the producers and emcees that make up the group. We hope you enjoy the selection of tracks from some of the Westcoast's finest and share with your friends.

Also, stop by the Illregular Music YouTube channel if you have not already had a chance to preview video for the 1st two singles, Richard Wright's "Marry Mary Jane" produced by Bombay and Mr. Sobers' "Hustle" produced by J. Bizness. Be on the lookout for the next single and video, "Precise" next month from Skeem Price produced by Captain.

Copt it right here!

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