Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Audio: Knxwledge x the art of rəuse | KR∆PES

Knxwledge x the art of rəuse | KR∆PES by the art of reuse™


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With ĭn | tər | ĭm™ thrift store's (http://bit.ly/fq8glM) one year anniversary around the corner, we couldn't think of a better occasion to have Knxwledge bake us up some sonic goodness. Kr∆pes is our fifth thriftcast and this time, Knx knits a collection of his signature off kilter, wonky loops and undertone dialogues. On April 29th we launch a brand new theartofreuse.ca and our fourth store location opening this Fall in New York.
You can also download Kr∆pes SPCL EDTN which includes traklist + Japanese Krape recipe @ http://bit.ly/fsS6ta


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