Friday, April 29, 2011

Audio: Powell - Densui EP // (Teaser)

Upcoming @ Jumble! Powell - Densui EP (Teaser) by FUSELab

Fuselab: In a month (actually in 1 week) we plan to release a first class glitch-bomb from the trendy Parisian electro-robber - Powell (Robox Neotech / Up My Alley / Made In Glitch). Once under the influence of such contradictory planes, as the culture of sci-fi movies 80s and west-coast scene, this musician formed his unique style, characterized by an abundance of unstructured percussive sounds, low-frequency explosions and laser synthetic trills in all kinds of electro, glitch, wonky and bass incarnations.
You will find seven eclectic tracks filled with megawatts of infectious energy and a myriad of twists and turns.
Stay tuned!


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